Mental Manipulator

While fooling a creature’s senses is impressive, various mountebanks choose to manipulate creatures in other fashions. Mental Manipulators are completely focused on taking control of a creature’s mind, using their stooges as they will.

Mastermind Training: A mountebank gains the Mind sphere as a bonus magic talent and uses her class level as her caster level with the Mind sphere. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

This ability replaces trickster training.

Dominant Personality: A mountebank must select the command talent from the Mind sphere with the first talent they gain from this class.

This ability replaces natural rogue.

Controlling Enhancement (Ex): Whenever a mountebank forces a creature to make an attack roll with the command talent’s greater charm or powerful charm effect, that creature’s attack roll gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls and a +2 bonus to damage rolls. At 5th level and every four levels afterwards, this bonus increases by +1/+2 (to a maximum of +5/+10 at 17th level).

Advanced Mind Control (Ex): At 9th level, whenever a mental manipulator successfully feints against a creature using her trick casting class feature, she can delay the saving throw that it would normally gain from the command talent’s effect for 1 round.

This ability replaces advanced trickery.

Genius Mind Control (Ex): At 13th level, whenever a mental manipulator successfully feints against a creature using her tricky casting class feature, if she used command talent’s greater charm effect, she can instead treat it as the powerful charm effect without spending an additional spell point, even if she does not have the powerful charm talent.

This ability replaces master trickster.

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