Method Actor

All Part of the Act (Ex): Each of the method actor’s personas may have a unique set of Oaths and Oath boons, and may even grant different numbers of Oath points. However, he can only benefit from a number of Oath boons which he would gain based on his current persona’s Oath points (for example, a method actor has two personas, a hermit who has sworn an Oath of Poverty and a guard who has sworn an Oath of Candor and an Oath of Loyalty. The method actor selects 10 Oath points worth of Oath boons for the hermit and 2 Oath points worth of Oath boons for the guard, but can only benefit from any of those oath boons while in that respective persona).

A method actor need only adhere to an Oath while in a persona that has accepted it (for example, the previously-mentioned method actor may lie in his hermit or base personas without breaking the Oath accepted by his guard persona, and could wield expensive equipment while in his guard or base personas).

If a method actor breaks an Oath in a persona where they have accepted it, however, the defiance penalty carries over between all of the method actor’s personas. The method actor must atone for a broken Oath in the same persona in which he swore and broke the Oath.

This replaces the persona quirks gained at 5th, 11th, and 17th levels.

Blank Canvas (Ex): A method actor must not possess any strong convictions himself in order to fully assume the commitments of his personas. A method actor’s base persona may not accept any Oaths, and as a result never benefits from Oath boons.

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