The mimic gains the following link component option:

Mimic: The mimic successfully copies a talent or ability with mimicry.

This alters sequence.

Mimicry (Ex): At 2nd level, a mimic can intuitively understand abilities that she sees in practice. When she observes a martial ability or successfully identifies a sphere effect, as an immediate action she can gain knowledge of 1 + 1 per 3 class levels talents used in that effect. This knowledge is retained for 1 minute per class level. The mimic may retain knowledge of 2 talents, +1 talent per three class levels thereafter. If this ability would grant talents in excess of this limit, she must choose which previously gained talents to lose until their total mimicked talents is within the limit. A mimic cannot choose to lose a talent that is a prerequisite for another talent gained from this ability without losing the other talent as well.

The mimic may copy a cantrip or spell (or spell-like ability that mimics a spell) in place of a talent, gaining the ability to cast that spell or cantrip while it is retained. To cast such a spell, she must pay spell points based on the level of the slot to do so: level 1-2: 1 spell point, 3-5: 2 spell points, 6-8: 3 spell points, 9: 4 spell points. Cantrips and orisons may be used without spell point cost. She may not mimic a spell with a level greater than half her class level. Mimicked spells are cast according to the mimic’s casting tradition, though any material components or focuses with a cost of greater than 10 gp must still be provided.

This replaces adaptation.

Steal Identity (Su): At 5th level, the mimic’s skills allow her to imitate individual creatures with which she is familiar. She may study a creature within 30 feet as a standard action; each creature so studied takes the place of one of her mimicry talents.

As a swift action, she may assume the likeness of such a creature, granting a +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks to appear as that creature and ignoring any penalties for being the wrong age, gender, or species, though not for being the wrong size. This bonus does not stack with the bonus to Disguise checks from similar effects (the disguise self spell, the Illusionary Disguise talent of the Illusion sphere, the Realistic Likeness feat, etc.). Her control is detailed and specific enough to allow her to merge her clothing and armor with her body and replicate the appearance of other clothes, armor, and even jewelry. Such articles cannot be removed from the creature’s possession as they are formed from the target’s body. Merged armor provides no AC and any merged equipment cannot be accessed or activated. Continuous effects remain active, but if the corresponding magic item slot is reused, the merged item’s effect is suppressed.

This replaces improved adaptation.

Enduring Mimicry: At 8th level, the mimic retains talents, identities, and other abilities gained via mimicry for 1 hour per class level.

This replaces greater adaptation.

Expanded Mimicry (Su): At 10th level, the mimic may also copy the supernatural abilities of creatures she encounters. Each ability copied takes the place of one talent and may be activated by spending spell points as if it was a spell of a level equal to the creature’s Hit Dice/3 (maximum 9th level). Abilities that mimic specific spells instead require expending spell points as per mimicking a spell. If the ability would allow a save, the formula is 10 + her mimic level/2 + her casting ability modifier. Such abilities may be used once before being expended.

Abilities that are not instantaneous end after a number of rounds equal to the mimic’s casting ability modifier or their normal duration, whichever is shorter. Passive abilities may be begun as a free action and last for a number of rounds equal to the mimic’s casting ability modifier.

This replaces share adaptation.

Effortless Mimicry: At 13th level, the mimic may use her mimicry ability once per round as a free action, even when it is not her turn.

At 17th level, this ability may be used any number of times per round.

This replaces master adaptation and grandmaster adaptation.

Perfected Mimic: At 20th level, the mimic retains copied talents, identities, and other abilities gained via mimicry indefinitely, though supernatural abilities are still lost when used.

This alters perfected prodigy. The mimic does not gain the ability to gain any number of talents with adaptation as a swift action.

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