Minstrel (Bard Archetype)
Archetypes of Power 2
Whereas most bards that find themselves combating draconic invasions possess potent arcane power, there are some that are not gifted with the arcane. Instead of inspiring and empowering their allies with magically-charged limericks and arcane alliteration, the minstrel is a simpler performer, yet not any less powerful… or charming.


Minstrels are proficient with simple weapons, as well as light armor and bucklers. In addition, if this is this character’s first level in any class, they may select a martial tradition of their choice.

This alters proficiencies.

Combat Training

A minstrel may combine combat spheres and talents to create powerful martial techniques. Minstrels are considered Adept practitioners and use Charisma as his practitioner modifier.

This replaces the spells and cantrips class features.

Master of the Stage

A minstrel is a performer of many facets; from their sonorous voices to their scathing jokes, the minstrel knows it all. Minstrels gain both the Gladiator and Warleader spheres as bonus combat spheres at 1st level, as well as the Braggart, Conductor, and Entertainer drawbacks, granting the Self Confidence talent as normal. If the minstrel already possesses the Braggart drawback or the Self Confidence talent, he gains a bonus talent from the Gladiator sphere as well the Warleader sphere instead.

Additionally, the minstrel gains a bonus combat talent from either the Gladiator or Warleader sphere at 5th level and every 4 levels thereafter. Alternatively, the minstrel can instead choose a bardic masterpiece he meets the prerequisites for instead of a bonus talent. His caster level with masterpieces is equal to his class level.

This replaces all bardic performances.

Passion (Ex)

A minstrel has the innate ability to augment his performances with raw emotion and enthusiasm, culminating in a pool of passion. At 2nd level, the minstrel gains a passion pool equal to 1 + his practitioner modifier. A minstrel’s passion pool refreshes after 1 minute of rest, typically time spent out of combat. The minstrel can regain passion by seeing great acts of failure or success, drawing all drama he can from the moment, allowing him to regain passion in the following ways:

  • Hope: Whenever an ally or enemy the minstrel can perceive would roll a natural 20, or natural 1 respectively, the minstrel regains 1 passion point. A natural 20 or natural 1 rolled by a creature with a CR less than 1/2 his character level does not allow him to regain passion.
  • Focus: Whenever the minstrel would regain her martial focus, he may choose to gain 2 points of passion instead of regaining his martial focus. The minstrel may only regain passion in this way once per round.

The minstrel may use passion to instill specific emotions to his performances, adding a theatrical flair and intensity to every action, usable in the following ways:

  • Intense: When using a shout that would require a saving throw, the minstrel can spend 1 point of passion to increase the DC of the shout by 1, plus 1 for every 6 bard levels he possesses. At 14th level, the minstrel can spend an additional point of passion to also have all affected creatures roll the saving throw twice and take the lowest result (in addition to the penalties suffered).
  • Inspirational: When using a boast or shout, the minstrel may spend any amount of passion; he may choose one ally per passion spent within close range that can perceive him, granting all chosen allies a number of temporary hit points equal to three times the amount of passion spent plus his practitioner modifier. These temporary hit points last for 1 minute.
  • Raucous: When using a boast, the minstrel can spend 1 point of passion to apply the effects of a (shout) talent instead of a (boast) talent. If the shout would normally have a duration, its effects instead only last for 2 rounds. At 6th level, the shout instead lasts for its normal duration.
  • Impromptu: At 3rd level, the minstrel may spend 1 point of passion as a swift action to gain the benefits of one talent from the Gladiator or Warleader spheres that he does not possess for a number of rounds equal to his practitioner modifier (minimum 1 round).
  • Demoralizing: At 3rd level, when using a shout, the minstrel may spend 1 point of passion to instill fear and doubt into the affected creatures. All enemies that fail their save against a demoralizing shout also suffer a -2 penalty to the DC of all demoralize attempts made against them, in addition to saving throws against fear effects for the duration of the (shout). These penalties increase by 1 for every 5 bard levels he possesses.
  • Confidence: At 5th level, as long as the minstrel has 1 point of passion, he may use his boast ability without having his martial focus.
  • Powerful: At 8th level, when using a boast or shout, the minstrel can spend 1 point of passion to treat his ranks in Perform as being 4 higher when determining the boast or shout’s effects.
  • Disarming: At 9th level, when using a boast or shout that requires a saving throw, he may spend 1 point of passion to have all creatures that fail their saving throw be considered flat-footed and be unable to make attacks of opportunities until the end of his next turn. At 12th level, all creatures who succeed at their saving throw still become flat-footed against the next valid attack roll made against it until the end of his next turn.
  • Complex: At 12th level, when using a boast, he may spend 2 points of passion to apply two (boast) talents. If the minstrel would already add two (boast) talents (such as when using the Trash Talker talent), he may apply three (boast) talents instead. When using a shout, he may spend 2 points of passion to apply two (shout) talents.

Minstrel’s Masterpiece

Instead of expending rounds of bardic performance to start a bardic masterpiece, the minstrel can instead spend 1 point of passion per 3 rounds of bardic performance it would usually cost. If a masterpiece would be maintained for additional rounds, the appropriate amount of passion must be expended.

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