Monsters As Companions

Some character classes gain animal companions, familiars, mounts, and similar companion creatures whose abilities are primarily determined by the level of their master. Mythic characters have access to a variety of mythic feats and path abilities that can adjust those abilities, but the core abilities of such creatures remain level-based. A creature with the Mythic Leadership feat (or, at the GM’s option, any mythic character with the Leadership feat) can attract a mythic creature as a cohort; this follows the rules for attracting monstrous creatures as cohorts, but both the PC and the prospective cohort monster should add their mythic tier to their Hit Dice to determine whether the PC qualifies to attract the creature into his service.

Familiars are something of a special case. A standard familiar’s abilities are determined by the level of its master, as for most companion creatures; however, a creature with the Mythic Improved Familiar feat (or, at the GM’s option, any mythic character with the Improved Familiar feat) can attract a mythic creature as a familiar, many of whom have abilities that make them uniquely suited to serve as familiars, such as the Mythic Master universal monster ability. A list of viable creatures to serve as mythic familiars is provided here for your convenience.

Mythic Creature Minimum Caster Level Minimum Mythic Tier1 Required Alignment2
agathion, silvanshee 7th 3rd neutral good
angel, cassisian 7th 3rd neutral good
archon, lantern 7th 3rd lawful good
azata, lyrakien 7th 3rd chaotic good
demon, quasit 7th 3rd chaotic evil
devil, imp 7th 3rd lawful evil
dragon, faerie 7th 3rd within 1 step of chaotic good
elemental, small 5th 1st neutral
flumph 3rd 1st within 1 step of lawful good
homunculus 7th 3rd none
inevitable, arbiter 7th 3rd neutral
protean, voidworm 7th 3rd chaotic neutral
pseudodragon 7th 3rd neutral good
qlippoth, cythnigot 7th 3rd chaotic evil
sprite 3rd 1st chaotic neutral

1: The minimum mythic tier listed above assumes a standard mythic campaign, with characters gaining mythic tiers approximately every 2-3 levels. If you are running a limited-mythic campaign, wherein PCs gain only a handful of mythic tiers regardless of their level, ignore this requirement.

2: In many cases, a mythic master can command the allegiance of a familiar within one step of his own alignment, even if a non-mythic master would require an exact alignment

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