Mythic Dragonrider Options

The dragonrider class can be located in The Genius Guide to the Dragonrider, from Rogue Genius Games, and can also be found online at The mythic dragonrider is linked to the power of a mighty dragon in thought, mind, and soul.

Mythic Bonded Dragon Steed

The dragonrider’s dragon steed gains a portion of the dragonrider’s mythic power. It is considered a mythic creature for the purposes of determining how mythic spells and effects affect it. The dragon steed may also spend points from its rider’s mythic pool to gain a mythic surge as if it was the same mythic tier as its rider.

This ability may be taken a second time. This allows the dragonrider to expend a point of mythic power to establish a focus with his dragon steed as a free action. Focus established this way lasts for one minute per dragonrider level.

Mythic Low-Light Vision

Both the dragonrider and his dragon steed gain low-light vision so acute that they always treat an area as if it was at least dimly illuminated. A darkness spell negates this ability, but only if its spell level is greater than the dragonrider’s mythic tier.

Mythic Resist Energy

The dragonrider halves any damage he takes from the same energy type as the damage of his bonded dragon steed’s breath weapon. Damage is halved before any energy resistance is applied. If the dragonrider is 18th level, he becomes immune to this energy type.

Mythic Summon Steed

When the dragonrider summons his dragon steed, the steed receives healing equal to 1d8 points of damage per dragonrider class level. Additionally, the dragonrider may expend a point of mythic power to use this ability as a swift action and to summon the dragon steed into the same space as the dragonrider. If the dragonrider chooses this option, he automatically mounts his dragon steed as part of the summoning.

Mythic Draconic Training

The dragonrider’s link to his dragon’s outlook is unmatched. Once each day, as a full-round action, he may change one bonus feat he has selected from the draconic training feat list. In essence, he loses one bonus feat, and gains a new bonus feat to replace it, as if he had retrained the feat. He may not swap out any feat he is using as a prerequisite.

Mythic Spell List

A dragonrider with mythic spells shares his spells known and spells per day with his dragon steed. Both dragonrider and steed may cast these spells, and each casting by either of them counts against the dragonrider’s total spells per day.

Mythic Darkvision

Mythic darkvision penetrates all darkness, even magic darkness, to a range of ten feet.

Mythic Scent

The range of the dragonrider’s scent ability doubles (generally within 60 feet, or 120 feet if the source is upwind and 30 feet if the source is downwind). Noting the direction of a scent or pinpointing the source of an adjacent scent is a swift action.

Mythic Blindsense

The dragonrider gains blindsight out to the same range as his blindsense.

Mythic Spell Resistance

The dragonrider’s spell resistance increases by +5 against non-mythic sources. His dragon steed also gains spell resistance equal to the dragonrider’s.

Mythic Dragonform

The dragonrider may expend a use of mythic power to use the dragonform ability, even if he has already used it in the day.

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