Mythic Fighter Options

Mythic fighters are paragons of combat in all forms, often adapting to overcome foes who have previously defeated them.

Mythic Bonus Combat Feat

The fighter’s mastery of combat feats is unmatched. Once each day, as a full-round action, he may change one combat feat he has selected. In essence, he loses one bonus feat, and gains a new bonus feat to replace it, as if he had retrained the feat. He may not swap out any feat he is using as a prerequisite.

This mythic class feature may be selected more than once, but no more times than the total number of combat feats the fighter has. Each time it is selected, it allows him to swap out a combat feat one additional time per day. He may swap out the same feat multiple times, or swap out different combat feats.

Mythic Bravery (Ex)

Not only is the fighter extremely brave, but also, his steadfast nature can unnerve those who seek to daunt him. The fighter is never frightened or panicked. If circumstances would normally result in him being frightened or panicked, he is instead shaken for the same duration. This is true even if he is already shaken, and a new fear effect applies to the fighter.

If a creature attempts to demoralize the fighter (such as with the Intimidate skill) and fails, or tries to affect him with a fear effect that allows a saving throw, and he succeeds at his save, the fighter may expend one use of mythic power as a swift or immediate action to force that creature to make a Will save (DC 10 +1/2 fighter level + mythic tier + bravery bonus) or be shaken for a number of rounds equal to the fighter’s level + mythic tier. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

Mythic Armor Training (Ex)

The fighter has learned how to use his armor to help him avoid damage from most sources. The knowledge that he has this protection gives the fighter greater confidence and resolve.

When the fighter is wearing armor he adds his armor training bonus to any Reflex or Will save he makes (+1 at 3rd level, +2 at 7th, and so on). He also adds it to any Intimidate or Sense Motive check he makes while wearing armor.

Mythic Weapon Training (Ex)

The fighter is amazingly accurate and effective with the weapons for which he has received weapon training. When using a weapon from a group for which he have weapon training, whenever the fighter adds a mythic surge to his attack roll, he also adds the same value to the damage done on a successful attack.

Additionally, the fighter may add a mythic surge to an attack roll with such a weapon without expending one use of mythic power. The fighter may do this a number of times per day equal to the number of weapon groups he has selected with weapon training (once per day at 5th, twice per day at 9th, and so on). The fighter must have the weapon training class feature to take this mythic class feature.

Mythic Armor Mastery (Ex):

The fighter’s armor is almost a second skin, a part of him that can be sacrificed to save himself. If an attack, spell, or effect would kill the fighter while he is wearing armor or carrying a shield, as a free action he may negate the damage or effect and give his armor or shield the broken condition. The fighter cannot sacrifice armor or a shield with the broken condition to activate this mythic ability.

Mythic Weapon Mastery (Ex)

The fighter is the ultimate wielder of the weapon he has selected for weapon mastery.

When wielding this weapon, if the fighter makes an attack roll against a foe that hits its AC, and any defense or effect prevents the fighter from dealing full damage to the target (including conditions and effects that create a percentile miss chance, DR, etherealness, incorporealness, mirror image, and any other effect that would prevent a successful attack roll from dealing full damage), as a free action, he may expend one use of mythic power to attempt to bypass the effect and deal full damage.

If the effect the fighter wishes to bypass is non-mythic, he automatically succeeds. If the effect is from a mythic source, he makes a mythic tier check (1d20 + mythic tier) against a DC of 10 + the mythic tier of the source of the ability he wishes to bypass.

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