Mythic Grit Feats

Casterbane Shot (Combat, Grit, Mythic)

Your bullets are extremely distracting to spellcasters.

Prerequisite: Casterbane ShotISC

Benefit: As long as you have at least 1 grit point remaining, a creature you have hit with a ranged attack from your firearm takes a penalty on concentration checks equal to one-half your mythic tier (minimum 1) until the end of your next turn. If you ready an action to attack a spellcaster while casting, or if their spellcasting provokes a ranged attack of opportunity from you with your firearm (such as with the Snap Shot feat), the DC of the caster’s concentration check is increased by an amount equal to one-half your mythic tier (minimum 1); if you spend 1 grit point, this increase is equal to 5 plus your mythic tier.

Deft Shootist Deed (Grit, Mythic)

You avoid attacks while shooting and reloading firearms, and those that attack you may regret doing so.

Prerequisite: Deft Shootist DeedUC

Benefit: As long as you have at least 1 grit point, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity when shooting or reloading a firearm, and while you have a firearm in hand, you gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC against any opponents that threaten you with melee weapons. When you are attacked in melee, you can spend a grit point or one use of your mythic power to make a ranged attack against that opponent as an immediate action.

If you are at least 5th tier and have one or more grit points in reserve, you can perform this immediate action attack one additional time per round (or two additional times per round at 10th tier) by expending an additional grit point or use of your mythic power.

Extra Grit (Grit, Mythic)
You have even more grit than the average gunslinger.
Prerequisite: Extra GritUC.
Benefit: The extra grit you gain each day and your maximum
grit increase by 2. Additionally, whenever you would
regain a grit point, you can expend one use of your mythic
power to regain 2 points instead.

Gun Twirling (Grit, Mythic)

Your guns dance in your hands, keeping your foes off balance.

Prerequisite: Gun TwirlingCB

Benefit: You can use a grit point to make a make a feint attempt with any firearm. If you have Weapon Focus in a one-handed firearm in question, you can make a feint attempt as a swift action (or a free action if the target is non-mythic) when you spend 1 grit point. If you have the Quick Draw feat, you can holster or stow any firearm as a free action as long as you have 1 grit point.

Leaping Shot Deed (Grit, Mythic)

You can leap through the air, firing multiple shots, and possibly come down standing on your feet.

Prerequisite: Leaping Shot DeedUC

Benefit: Your bonus on Acrobatics checks made to jump increases by 2. If you have the Quick Draw feat, then for every 3 mythic tiers you possess, you can drop a firearm you’ve fired as part of the full-round action and draw another, firing it with a ─2 penalty at your highest base attack bonus. If you expend one use of your mythic power, you can roll back to your feet at the end of your move as a free action, rather than remaining prone.

No Name (Grit, Mythic)

Your ability to hide your identity increases greatly.

Prerequisite: No NameUC

Benefit: Your bonus on Bluff checks increases by 2, and your bonus on Disguise checks when you spend a grit point increases by 5. In addition, you can expend one use of mythic power to treat a Disguise check as if you had rolled a natural 20. You must decide to use this ability before making the roll.

Redirected Shot (Combat, Grit, Mythic)

Your bullets can knock your ally’s shots back on course.

Prerequisite: Redirected ShotISC

Benefit: You can use this feat after the result of an ally’s ranged attack has been revealed. In addition, if your ally uses a ranged attack against a creature that has cover from its position but has no cover or less cover from your position, use the lower cover bonus to AC when resolving the ranged attack.

Ricochet Shot Deed (Grit, Mythic)

You can ricochet a shot off the wall and catch your opponent by surprise.

Prerequisite: Richochet Shot DeedUC

Benefit: Your ricochet shots always ignore cover and concealment (but not total cover or total concealment). When making this shot, you can spend 1 grit point to treat your target as flat-footed against your attack. You must choose to spend the grit point before making the attack roll.

Secret Stash Deed (Grit, Mythic)

The stashes of ammunition you find are often exceptional.

Prerequisite: Secret Stash DeedUC

Benefit: If the bullet and black powder or alchemical cartridge that you recover is anything other than normal, you pay only half its cost in gold pieces from your character’s wealth. If you expend a use of your mythic power, you can find 30 bullets and a powder horn or one magical bullet and powder. Magic bullets recovered never exceed a +2 enhancement. You pay half the cost in gold pieces for recovered magic ammunition and powder. Your bonus to Sleight of Hand checks made while gambling increases by 4.

Signature Deed (Grit, Mythic)

You are a true master of your signature deed.

Prerequisite: Signature DeedUC

Benefit: You can perform your signature deed for 2 fewer grit points (minimum 0). If the amount of grit needed to perform the deed is reduced to 0, you can perform this deed for the normal action cost so long as you have at least 1 grit point. Furthermore, each time you successfully perform this deed, you gain a grit point. Finally, if you expend a use of your mythic power, you can reduce a deed that takes a full-round action to a standard action; a standard action can be reduced to a move action, and a deed that requires a move action can be reduced to a swift action.

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