Mythic Inquisitor Options

Mythic inquisitors are the feared enforcers and huntsmen of the gods.

Mythic Spell List

The inquisitor can add one cleric spell of a spell level she can cast to her inquisitor class spell list. If she is mythic tier 3, she can add one spell from the ranger class spell list of a spell level she can cast, to her inquisitor class spell list. If she is mythic tier 6, she can add one druid spell of a spell level she can cast to her inquisitor class spell list.

This mythic class feature may be selected more than once. Each time it is selected, it adds another appropriate spell to the inquisitor’s class spell list.

Mythic Domain (Power)

As the cleric mythic class feature of the same name.

Mythic Domain (Selection)

The inquisitor may select an additional domain from her deity’s list of possible domains. This does not increase the number of domain spell slots she gains, but it does give her more domain spells to choose from when preparing a domain spell.

This mythic class feature can be selected more than once, but not more than enough times to have access to all of a deity’s domains.

Mythic Judgment

When using her judgment class feature, the inquisitor may, as a standard action, expend a use of mythic power to grant an adjacent ally the power of her judgments. The ally gains the bonuses of the judgment or judgments the inquisitor is using, but gains bonuses of only half the inquisitor’s class level. The ally cannot also be using judgment, from any source. If the inquisitor changes what judgments she is using, this also changes what judgments the ally is using.

Alternatively, when this mythic class feature is selected the inquisitor may boost the power of one specific judgment of hers, gaining the benefit outlined below. Once made, this choice cannot be changed.


The inquisitor’s damage bonus from destruction is doubled.


The inquisitor gains regeneration rather than healing.


If the inquisitor’s attacks suffer a % miss chance for any reason, it is reduced by 5% per +1 bonus she gains from this judgment.


The inquisitor gains a bonus to the save DCs of her spells equal to half the bonus granted by this judgment (minimum +1 DC).


The inquisitor gains a luck bonus to CMD equal to the bonus granted by this judgment.


Whenever the inquisitor makes a saving throw against an ability or effect by 5 or more, it does not affect her at all (rather than having a reduced effect, such as saving for half damage, or requiring multiple saves to end, such as with some poisons).


The inquisitor’s DR becomes DR/–, and is doubled against the attacks of creatures she has identified with a Knowledge check.


The inquisitor’s resistance applies to all energy types.


The inquisitor selects one specific alignment, or creature type. Once this choice is made, it cannot be changed. When smiting, her attacks bypass all DR, of every type, against creatures of the selected alignment or type.

Mythic Monster Lore

If the inquisitor correctly identifies a monster with the appropriate Knowledge skill, she gains a +2 favored enemy bonus against it (as the ranger class ability). At mythic tier 3 this becomes a +4 favored enemy bonus. At mythic tier 6 this becomes a +6 favored enemy bonus. At mythic tier 9 this becomes a +8 favored enemy bonus. The bonuses last 24 hours, after which, another successful Knowledge check is required (even if there is no additional information to gain).

Mythic Orisons

The inquisitor adds her mythic tier to the number of orisons she can prepare each day.

Mythic Stern Gaze

The inquisitor can make Intimidate checks as a move action, and Sense Motive checks as swift actions.

Mythic Cunning Initiative

The inquisitor rolls initiative checks twice, and takes the best result. On a surprise round, she may expend a use of mythic power to take a full round of actions (rather than only a standard action).

Mythic Detect Alignment

When the inquisitor uses this ability, she gains information each round as if she had maintained the ability for three rounds.

Mythic Track

Whenever the inquisitor takes 10 on a Survival skill check to follow tracks, she gains a +10 bonus to the total.

Mythic Solo Tactics

All allies adjacent to the inquisitor actually gain the use of her teamwork feats as long as they remain adjacent.

Mythic Teamwork Feat

The inquisitor can change any teamwork feat she has (rather than only the most recent one taken), and adds her mythic tier to the number of times per day she can use this ability.

Mythic Bane

The inquisitor adds his mythic tier to the number of rounds he can use this ability each day. In addition, when this ability is activated every weapon the inquisitor wields is treated as bane against any creature it is used to attack.

Mythic Detect Lies

The inquisitor can use her discern lies ability once per round as a free action, even when it is not her turn. She can focus on a number of creatures at a time equal to 1 + half her mythic tier (minimum 2 total creatures). She adds her mythic tier to the number of rounds per day she may use this ability.

Mythic Second Judgment

The inquisitor may expend a point of mythic power to add one to the number of judgments she can have active at the same time for one combat.

Mythic Stalwart

The inquisitor’s stalwart ability applies even when she is helpless, and even in heavy armor.

Mythic Greater Bane

Whenever an inquisitor uses her bane ability, the weapon’s additional enhancement bonus is +4 for bane, rather than +2, and it is considered epic for purposes of bypassing damage reduction.

Mythic Exploit Weakness

When the inquisitor scores a critical hit against a creature, it’s fast healing and regenerations top functioning for a number of rounds equal to half her mythic tier (minimum 1 round).

Mythic Third Judgment

Once each round as a free action the inquisitor may change all her judgments to different judgments.

Mythic Slayer

When the inquisitor selects a judgment to gain her slayer bonus, she also adds her mythic tier (in addition to slayer’s +5) to her effective inquisitor level for the purposes of determining the bonus granted by this judgment.

Mythic True Judgment

The inquisitor may use judgment once every round. She may expend a use of mythic power to use true judgment on a target, even if she has already done so within 24 hours.

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