Mythic Psionic Feats

Many of the mythic feats presented in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures apply just as well to psionic characters as they do to other mythic characters. Presented below are new mythic feats which cover the psionic-specific needs of mythic psionics.

These feats can be found in Ultimate Psionics from Dreamscarred Press.

Ascendant Power (Metapsionic)

You have learned how to emulate mythic manifesting using non-mythic forces.

Benefit: To use this feat, you must expend your psionic focus. You can modify a power to imitate the mythic version of that power. An ascendant power uses the mythic version of the power, but doesn’t count as a mythic power for the purposes of effects that interact with the power, unless you are a mythic creature. You can’t use the augmented version of the mythic power, or use power effects that require you to expend uses of mythic power (even if you have uses of mythic power available). Using this feat increases the power point cost of the power by 8. The power’s total cost cannot exceed your manifester level.

Mythic Powers Known (Mythic)

You have learned how to use your mythic power in combination with your psionic manifesting.

Prerequisite: Ability to manifest powers.

Benefit: You learn a number of mythic powers known equal to your tier and can expend mythic power when manifesting them to enhance the results. To select a mythic power, you must be able to manifest the non-mythic version or have it on your list of powers known. Every time you gain a new tier, you can select an additional mythic psionic power.

Special: You can select this feat multiple times. Each time you select this feat, you must select different psionic powers.

Mythic Psionic Attacks (Mythic)

Your subsequent attacks continue to be infused with psionic energy.

Prerequisites: Psionic Fist OR Psionic Shot OR Psionic Weapon.

Benefit: When expending your psionic focus while using either the Psionic Fist, Psionic Shot, or Psionic Weapon feat, all attacks made during that round gain the additional damage from expending psionic focus.

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