Mythic Rage Feats

Wiki Note: While there was only one mythic rage feat included in the Mythic Hero's Handbook, several other rage-related feats were included in other categories. For the convenience of players using this mechanic, those feats have been included here as well.

Blood Vengeance (Mythic)

Those that fell your friends face your bloody rampage of revenge.

Prerequisite: Blood VengeanceARG

Benefit: When attacking the creature whose attack reduced your ally below 0 hit points and triggered your blood vengeance, you deal 1 point of bleed damage and your critical threat range is increased by 1. If you confirm a critical hit, you deal 1d4 points of bleed damage. This bleed damage stacks. While raging with this feat, you can make an Intimidate check as a move action against the target of your blood vengeance. If you have previously struck the target this round, you add your mythic tier as a bonus on this Intimidate check.

Destroyer’s Blessing (Combat, Mythic)

Your furious destructive rage brings you vigor.

Prerequisite: Destroyer’s BlessingARG

Benefit: You can regain only one round of rage per round, but you can heal damage every time you cause an object to gain the broken condition. If you destroy an object with a sunder maneuver, you heal 1d4+1 hit points, or you may forfeit this healing to end the fatigued condition, reduce exhaustion to fatigue, or heal 1 point of ability damage.

Extra Rage (Mythic)

Your mythic power gives you additional rounds of rage each day.

Prerequisites: Extra RageCRB

Benefit: You can use your rage for 8 additional rounds per day. Additionally, as a swift action you can expend one use of mythic power to regain 2 rounds of rage (not to exceed your maximum rounds of rage for the day).

Special: Unlike Extra Rage, you cannot take Mythic Extra Rage more than once.

Extra Rage Power (Mythic)

You have discovered something well outside your field.

Prerequisites: Extra Rage PowerAPG

Benefit: You gain an alchemist discovery, magus arcana, or rogue talent. You must meet the new ability’s prerequisites, treating your levels in the class you have with the discovery class feature as your alchemist, magus, or rogue level (as appropriate). If you select an ability that modifies abilities you do not have (such as choosing a talent that modifies your sneak attack when you have no sneak attack) or that requires resources you do not possess (such as taking a magus arcana that requires you to expend points from your arcane pool), the new ability is useless until you gain the appropriate ability or resource.

Ferocious Tenacity (Combat, Mythic, Rage)

Your furious rage keeps you alive in spite of horrible wounds.

Prerequisite: Ferocious TenacityARG

Benefit: You can use this feat more than once per day, as long as you have rounds of rage remaining. Each round of rage you spend reduces the attack’s damage by 2 points. If the damage from the attack is still enough to render you unconscious and you have rounds of rage remaining, you continue expending one round of rage each round rather than your rage ending immediately. Your rage-based bonus to Constitution does not disappear, along with any bonus hit points it grants, until you run out of rounds of rage.

Furious Finish (Combat, Mythic)

Channeling your rage into a massive blow does not hinder your.

Prerequisites: Furious FinishUC

Benefit: When you use Furious Finish to end your rage you are not fatigued afterward.

Gore Fiend (Combat, Mythic)

Your exultant fury surges when the blood flows freely.

Prerequisite: Gore FiendARG

Benefit: When you are raging and confirm a critical hit with a melee weapon or when a critical hit is confirmed against you, all morale bonuses granted by your rage are increased by 2 until the end of your next turn. This stacks if you confirm multiple critical hits or multiple critical hits are confirmed against you, up to a maximum of double your normal morale bonuses.

Raging Brutality (Mythic)

Your brutality knows no limits.

Prerequisites: Raging BrutalityUC

Benefit: The bonus damage from Raging Brutality is doubled on a critical hit. Additionally, you can expend one use of mythic power when you activate Power Attack to double the damage bonus provided by Raging Brutality.

Raging Deathblow (Mythic)

You are an unstoppable juggernaut of death and destruction.

Prerequisites: Raging DeathblowUC

Benefit: You gain an additional number of rounds of rage per day from Raging Deathblow equal to 1/2 your mythic tier (minimum 1). Whenever you rest to renew your total number of rounds of rage per day, any extra rounds you still have from this feat are lost.

Raging Hurler (Mythic)

Opponents struck by your hurled weapons are bowled over.

Prerequisites: Raging HurlerUC

Benefit: While raging, when you hit an opponent with a thrown two-handed weapon (or two-handed improvised weapon) you may perform a trip combat maneuver against them as a free action.

Raging Throw (Mythic)

Your raging throws have a domino effect.

Prerequisites: Raging ThrowUC

Benefit: When using Raging Throw, if you bull rush an opponent into a square another creature occupies or into a solid object, the opponent and the creature or object take bludgeoning damage as per Raging Throw. That creature is also subject to a bull rush combat maneuver, using the same result as your original bull rush combat maneuver check. This effect continues until there are no more opponents to be bull rushed into.

Raging Vitality (Mythic)

Your additional health from a rage does not end immediately.

Prerequisites: Raging VitalityAPG

Benefit: You do not lose your bonus to Constitution from raging for one minute per mythic tier after the end of your rage. You never get to apply more than one bonus to Constitution from raging at a time.

Resolute Rager (Mythic)

Your emotions rarely get in the way when you are raging, and never for long.

Prerequisite: Resolute RagerARG

Benefit: You can use this feat to any emotion-affecting effect, not just fear; however, you gain a bonus equal to one-half your mythic tier (minimum 1) on your new saves to end fear effects affecting you. By spending one use of your mythic power, you can gain the effects of resist fear for a number of rounds equal to your mythic tier.

Savage Surge (Combat, Mythic, Performance)

Your towering rage is awe-inspiring to behold.

Prerequisite: Savage SurgeISC

Benefit: When you expend rounds of rage to gain a bonus on a performance combat check, you gain a bonus equal to the number of rounds of rage you expend, and the bonus applies for a number of rounds equal to one-half your mythic tier (minimum 1), rather than on a single performance check.

Sympathetic Rage (Combat, Mythic)

The fury of your allies is contagious.

Prerequisite: Sympathetic RageARG

Benefit: You can continue raging as long as you are within 5 feet per mythic tier of an ally who is raging. If more than one ally is raging, you can maintain your rage as long as you end your turn within this distance of a raging ally; you need not remain near the ally who was raging when you first used this feat. If you move away from your raging ally or if your ally dies or its rage ends, you can expend one use of mythic power to continue your sympathetic rage for a number of rounds equal to one-half your mythic tier (minimum 1). If you come within range of a raging ally before this duration expires, you can continue raging.

Thrill of the Kill (Mythic)

Bringing your foes down brings you exultant joy.

Prerequisite: Thrill of the KillARG

Benefit: When you are raging and reduce an enemy below 0 hit points, you regain a round of rage and also gain a bonus mythic surge, which you must use before the end of your next turn and which does not require you to expend mythic power. If the creature you kill is a mythic creature whose mythic rank or tier is equal to or greater than yours, you also gain an additional use of mythic power, which you must use within 1 minute.

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