Mythic Ranger Options

Mythic rangers can cross any terrain, and hunt any foe.

Mythic Favored Enemy

The ranger adds half his favored enemy bonus to his saving throws against spells and abilities from favored enemies, and to his AC against attacks made by favored enemies to confirm critical threats.

Mythic Track

Whenever the ranger takes 10 on a Survival skill check to follow tracks, he gains a +10 bonus to the total.

Mythic Wild Empathy

As the druid mythic class feature of the same name.

Mythic Combat Style Feat

The ranger’s mastery of his selected combat style is unmatched. Once each day, as a full-round action, he may change one bonus feat he has selected from his combat style. In essence, he loses one bonus feat, and gains a new bonus feat from his combat style to replace it, as if he had retrained the feat. He may not swap out any feat he is using as a prerequisite.

This mythic class feature may be selected more than once, but not more times than the total number of bonus combat style feats the ranger has. Each time it is selected, it allows him to swap out a bonus combat style feat one additional time per day. He may swap out the same feat multiple times, or swap out different bonus combat feats.

Mythic Endurance

The ranger is immune to nonlethal damage from extreme heat and cold, and the penalties of the fatigued condition. He can still be fatigued (causing him to become exhausted if he gains a second fatigued condition), but does not suffer any drawbacks from the fatigued condition.

Mythic Favored Terrain

The ranger gains a bonus to movement in his favored terrain, equal to +5 feet to all movement types for every +2 favored terrain bonus he gains in that terrain.

Mythic Hunter’s Bond

The ranger’s power as a hunter is so strong, it can grant multiple benefits. If the ranger has already selected the animal companion nature’s bond, he may gain a bond with his allied companions. If he already has a bond with his allied companions, he may gain an animal companion.

Alternatively, a ranger can make his existing hunter’s bond stronger, gaining one of the mythic hunter’s bonds below.

Mythic Allied Companion Bond

When the ranger takes a move action to grant half his favored enemy bonus to his allies, they also count as mythic creatures for purposes of how spells and abilities from those favored enemies affect them.

Mythic Animal Companion Bond

As the druid mythic class feature (see above). A ranger must have an animal companion to select this mythic class feature.

Mythic Spell List

The ranger can add one druid spell of a spell level he can cast to his ranger class spell list. If he is mythic tier 5 he can add one paladin (if lawful good), antipaladin (if chaotic evil), or inquisitor (for any other alignment) spell of a spell level he can cast, to his ranger class spell list. This mythic class feature may be selected more than once. Each time it is selected, it adds another appropriate spell to the ranger’s class spell list.

Mythic Woodland Stride

As the druid mythic class feature of the same name (see above).

Mythic Swift Tracker

The ranger never takes penalties to tracking based on movement, even if mounted or flying.

Mythic Evasion

The ranger is a master of evading attacks. When a ranger takes damage, he may expend a use of mythic power to halve the amount of damage he takes. This applies to ability damage and ability drain as well, but not to any ongoing damage from an effect the ranger failed to save against. Thus the ranger could use mythic evasion to halve the damage you take from a poison if he failed his save, but not any damage the poison deals after its initial effect.

Mythic Quarry

The ranger adds half his mythic tier (minimum +1) to the number of creatures he may have designated as a quarry at a time. If the ranger has a current quarry, he still must wait an hour to designate a new quarry.

Mythic Camouflage

When in a favored terrain, if the ranger is in circumstances that allow him to make a Stealth check, he may also become invisible (as the spell) as a free action. His invisiblity lasts until he attacks (per the spell’s definition of an attack), or he is no longer in a circumstance that allows a Stealth check.

Mythic Improved Evasion

On a failed Reflex save, the ranger takes only 10% of an effect’s damage. Additionally, she only takes half damage from any area attack, even if it does not allow a Reflex save.

Mythic Hide in Plain Sight

When in favored terrain, the ranger can cast improved invisibility at will, using his ranger level as its caster level. A ranger must have mythic camouflage to select this mythic class feature.

Mythic Improved Quarry

The ranger adds half his mythic tier (minimum +1) to Survival checks and attack rolls made against his quarry. If he also has mythic quarry (see above), he can add a new quarry after 10 minutes, up to his maximum number of designated quarries.

Mythic Master Hunter

The ranger adds half his mythic tier (minimum +1) to the save DC of attacks made using the master hunter ability.

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