Mythic Rules

In 2013, Paizo Publishing released the first set of mythic rules, bringing a system focused on myths and legends to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The following are new rules published for this system, expanding the options available to players and - in many cases - improving the overall balance of the system.

Use of these rules requires the base Mythic Adventures rulebook, which is available on the official SRD and, as well as at local game shops and other retailers. You can also Support the Publishers of these new rules by picking up copies of the main rulebooks, ensuring you have offline access for your games. In addition, many mythic options (such as almost all of the spells and feats) are improved versions of existing options, and you will need the base version of those from some source.

Mythic Heroes

Mythic Abilities:

-Base Mythic Abilities
-Archmage Path Abilities
-Champion Path Abilities
-Guardian Path Abilities
-Hierophant Path Abilities
-Marshal Path Abilities
-Trickster Path Abilities
-Universal Path Abilities

-Path of the Genius
-Path of the Living Saint
-Path of the Stranger

Mythic Class Abilities:

-MCA Rules

-Mythic Armiger Options
-Mythic Alchemist Options
-Mythic Barbarian Options
-Mythic Bard Options
-Mythic Battle Scion Options
-Mythic Cavalier Options
-Mythic Cleric Options
-Mythic Death Knight Options
-Mythic Dragonrider Options
-Mythic Druid Options
-Mythic Fighter Options
-Mythic Fusilier Options
-Mythic Gunslinger Options
-Mythic Inquisitor Options
-Mythic Magister Options
-Mythic Magus Options
-Mythic Monk Options
-Mythic Ninja Options
-Mythic Oracle Options
-Mythic Paladin Options
-Mythic Ranger Options
-Mythic Rogue Options
-Mythic Samurai Options
-Mythic Shadow Assassin Options
-Mythic Shaman Options (New Paths Comp.)
-Mythic Sorcerer Options
-Mythic Spell-less Ranger Options
-Mythic Summoner Options
-Mythic Time Thief Options
-Mythic White Necromancer Options
-Mythic Witch Options
-Mythic Wizard Options

Mythic Feats:

-Mythic Combat (A-M) Feats
-Mythic Combat (N-Z) Feats
-Mythic Critical Feats
-Mythic Extra Feats
-Mythic General (A-F) Feats
-Mythic General (G-M) Feats
-Mythic General (N-S) Feats
-Mythic General (T-Z) Feats
-Mythic Grit Feats
-Mythic Item Creation Feats
-Mythic Ki Feats
-Mythic Metamagic Feats
-Mythic Mythos Feats
-Mythic Performance Feats
-Mythic Rage Feats
-Mythic Sinful Feats
-Mythic Style Feats
-Mythic Teamwork Feats
-Additional Non-Mythic Feats

Mythic Psionics:

-Path of the Overmind
-Psionic Path Abilities
-Mythic Psionic Feats
-Mythic Enhancement Feats

-Mythic Psionic Power Rules
-Mythic Psionic Powers (A-F)
-Mythic Psionic Powers (G-M)
-Mythic Psionic Powers (N-S)
-Mythic Psionic Powers (T-Z)


-Mythic Magic Items

-Inherent Advancement
-Mythic Curses
-Mythic Skills
-Mythic Traps

-Mythic Solutions

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