Mythic Shadow Assassin Options

The shadow assassin class can be located in The Genius Guide to the Shadow Assassin, from Rogue Genius Games and can also be found on Its mythic class features are included here as the result of popular voting among patrons of the project.

The mythic shadow assassin is an unseen whisper of death that strikes without warning.

Mythic Shadowmeld

The shadow assassin can expend a use of mythic power to gain invisibility, as the spell, using the shadow assassin’s class level as the caster level. If the shadow assassin is 5th level or higher, this can instead act as greater invisibility if the assassin so chooses. The shadow assassin becomes visible in areas of bright light (but not normal light), though this does not end the duration of this effect.

Mythic Deadly Focus

The shadow assassin adds half his mythic tier (minimum +1) to the number of times per day he can use deadly focus.

Mythic Bypass DR

The bypass DR ability functions even against creatures the shadow assassin is not targeting with deadly focus or greater deadly focus.

Mythic Shadow Style

A shadow assassin must have a shadow style to select the mythic shadow style as a mythic class feature. The benefits of each mythic shadow style are detailed below.

Mythic Exotic Weapon Style

The shadow assassin adds half his mythic tier to damage done with exotic weapons.

Mythic Shadowblade Style

The shadow assassin can add any of the following weapon properties to his shadowblade (consuming an amount of enhancement bonus equal to the property’s cost): bane, frost, ghost touch, icy burst, keen, vicious, vorpal, wounding.

Mythic Shadowglide Style

The shadow assassin can generate enough personal shadow that his shadowglide bonuses always apply, even in bright light.

Mythic Shuriken Style

When the shadow assassin uses a shuriken to strike a foe, as a swift action he can expend a point of mythic power to force that creature to make a Fortitude or Will save (the shadow assassin’s choice) of be blinded (as blindness/deafness). The save DC is 10 + the shadow assassin’s Charisma modifier + the shadow assassin’s mythic tier.

Mythic Spell Style

The shadow assassin selects a single spell of a spell level one higher than the highest level spell he can cast with spell style, subject to the same restrictions as his spell style spells. He may cast this spell twice per day. Additionally, the shadow assassin may expend a use of mythic energy to cast a spell from his spell style, even if he has no castings per day left for that spell.

Mythic Two-Weapon Style

The shadow assassin may expend one use of mythic energy to double his bonuses from two-weapon style for one minute per mythic tier.

Mythic Shadow Talent

Once each day, as a full-round action, the shadow assassin may change one shadow talent he has selected. In essence, he loses one shadow talent, and gains a new shadow talent to replace it, as if he had retrained the class feature. He may not swap out any shadow talent he is using as a prerequisite.

Mythic Evasion

The shadow assassin is a master of evading attacks. When the shadow assassin takes damage she may expend a use of mythic power to halve the amount of damage she takes. This applies to ability damage and ability drain as well, but not to any ongoing damage from an effect the shadow assassin failed to save against. Thus the shadow assassin could use mythic evasion to halve the damage she takes from a poison if she fails her save, but not any damage the poison deals after its initial effect.

Mythic Daggermaster

The shadow assassin selects two combat feats for which he meets the prerequisites. He may only use these feats when wielding light weapons, bolas, or shurikens, and only apply any bonuses they grant to weapons to those weapons. If a selected feat normally only applies to one weapon (such as Weapon Focus), he may apply it to every weapon he can use daggermaster with that could be selected as the choice of that feat.

Mythic Greater Deadly Focus

The shadow assassin adds his mythic tier to damage done to targets of his greater deadly focus.

Mythic Improved Evasion

On a failed Reflex save the shadow assassin takes only 10% of an effect’s damage. Additionally, she only takes half damage from any area attack, even if it does not allow a Reflex save. A shadow assassin must have the mythic evasion class feature before choosing the mythic improved evasion class feature.

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