Mythic Spell Descriptions

The mythic spells in this section follow the spell description format established in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook for the small number of brand-new spells. These descriptions provide the functional rules for the standard non-mythic version of those spells. The majority of spells in this section, however, are mythic versions of existing spells, and these follow the mythic spell description format established in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Mythic Adventures. Mythic spell descriptions do not include information on school, level, casting time, components, range, area, targets, duration, saving throw, or spell resistance, because unless otherwise noted those characteristics do not change when a spell is made mythic. Each spell is listed alphabetically by name, with one or more paragraphs of description following that describe them.

Augmented Mythic Spells

Many (though not all) mythic spells can be further augmented beyond their base mythic version. In most cases, augmenting a mythic spell requires both an additional expenditure of mythic power and a minimum mythic tier for the spellcaster. A caster below that tier cannot achieve the augmented effect even if they expend the required amount of mythic power. A smaller number of spells have multiple augmented versions available, or have augmentations that are variable in effect depending on how much mythic power the caster invests into the spell.

Mythic and Non-Mythic Creatures

Many mythic spells have different effects on non-mythic creatures than they do on mythic creatures. A mythic creature must have mythic ranks, mythic tiers, the mythic subtype, or a special ability that causes it to be treated as a mythic creature. A unique, legendary, or divine creature can be considered mythic at the GM’s discretion. A creature that does not fit any of the above categories is a non-mythic creature.

Mythic and Non-Mythic Effects

Many mythic spells have different effects when they interact with a mythic effect than with a non-mythic effect. Though it is uncommon, non-mythic creatures can use mythic effects, most often when a mythic creature uses its mythic power to create a mythic effect and affects a non-mythic creature with it. Mythic creatures may use a combination of mythic and non-mythic effects; an effect does not become mythic just because a mythic creature is using it. Exceptional and supernatural abilities of mythic creatures are usually considered mythic effects. Spells, spell-like abilities, magic item effects, and the effects of feats and skills are only considered mythic effects if they are specifically designated as mythic.

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