Mythic Spell-Less Ranger Options

Mythic spell-less rangers are wilderness warriors par excellence, who rule the wilds the cunning and skill but without the aid of nature magic. The spell-less ranger class is described in the New Paths Compendium from Kobold Press and online at

Mythic Favored Enemy

You add half your favored enemy bonus to your saving throws against spells and abilities from favored enemies, and to your AC against attacks made by favored enemies to confirm critical threats.

Mythic Stealth Attack

Your first attack each round in a favored terrain or against a non-mythic favored enemy is a stealth attack, even if the creature is not flanked or denied its Dex to AC. Additionally, when you stealth attack a creature that is immune to sneak attacks (such as an elemental) or negates sneak attack damage (such as a target with armor of fortification), you may expend one use of mythic power to still deal your stealth attack damage to the creature.

Mythic Combat Style Feat

Once each day as a full-round action you may change one bonus feat you have selected from your combat style. In essence you lose one bonus feat, and gain a new bonus feat from your combat style to replace it, as if you had retrained the feat. You may not swap out any feat you are using as a prerequisite.

This mythic class feature may be selected more than once, but not more times than the total number of bonus combat feats you have. Each time it is selected, it allows you to swap out a bonus combat feat one additional time per day. You may swap out the same feat multiple times, or swap out different bonus combat feats.

Mythic Track

Whenever you take 10 on a Survival skill check to follow tracks, you gain a +10 bonus to the total.

Mythic Wild Empathy

You may use wild empathy on animals, elementals, fey, humanoids, magical beasts, monstrous humanoids, and plants. If the creature affected does not have an Intelligence of 2 or more, you take a -10 penalty on your wild empathy check. Creatures affected by wild empathy with an Intelligence of 1 or no Intelligence score do not attack you if friendly; and actively defend you if helpful, but cannot be given any directions.

Mythic Endurance

You are immune to nonlethal damage from extreme heat and cold and the penalties of the fatigued condition. You can still be fatigued (causing you to become exhausted if you gain a second fatigued condition), but you do not suffer any drawbacks from the fatigued condition.

##000000|Mythic Nature’s Healing

You add half your mythic tier to the bonus you receive to Heal skill checks made when in one of your favored terrains.

Long-Term Care

You add your tier to the number of hit points or ability score points healed.

Treat Deadly Wounds

You add your tier to the number of hit points healed.

Treat Poison

You add your tier to the competence bonus on the saving throw against the poison.

Treat Disease

You add your tier to the competence bonus on the saving throw against the disease.

Mythic Favored Terrain

You gain a bonus to movement in your favored terrain, equal to +5 feet to all movement types for every +2 favored terrain bonus you have in that terrain.

Mythic Hunter’s Bond

If you have already selected the animal companion nature’s bond, you also gain a bond with you allied companions. If you already have a bond with your allied companions, you gain an animal companion.

Mythic Allied Companion Bond

When you take a move action to grant half your favored enemy bonus to your allies, they also count as mythic creatures for purposes of how spells and abilities from those favored enemies affect them.

Mythic Animal Companion Bond

Your animal companion gains a portion of your mythic power. Your animal companion gains the hard to kill base mythic ability.

If you are mythic tier 3, your animal companion also gains the amazing initiative base mythic ability.

If you are mythic tier 5, your animal companion also gains the recuperation base mythic ability

If you are mythic tier 7, your animal companion also gains the mythic saves base mythic ability.

If you are mythic tier 9, your animal companion also gains the immortal base mythic ability.

Mythic Ranger Talents

To take a mythic ranger talent, you must have the non-mythic version of the ranger talent. No mythic ranger talent may be taken more than once.

Mythic Cat’s Fall

You may ignore the first 40 ft. of any fall when calculating falling damage.

Cheetah’s Stride (Ex)

You add your mythic tier to the number of rounds per day you may use this ability. In addition, you don’t provoke attacks of opportunity when using this ability on a favored terrain.

Mythic Combat Trick

You gain a bonus combat feat. Add your tier to your level for purposes of meeting this feat’s prerequisites.

Mythic Deadly Range

You increase the range at which you can deal stealth attack damage by 10 ft. plus twice your mythic tier.

Mythic Eagle Eyed

The Eagle Eyes feat allows you ignore up to –15 in penalties when in a favored terrain.

Mythic Fast Stealth

If people are observing you using any of their senses, and the observers are momentarily distracted (such as by a Bluff check), you can attempt a Stealth check if you can get to an unobserved place of some kind without taking the normal –10 penalty for having to move fast.

Mythic Favored Defender

You add your full favored enemy bonus to your CMD and dodge bonus to AC when attacked by a favored enemy.

Mythic Favored Step

You may extend the benefits of favored step to any friendly creature within 30 ft. of you. These friendly creatures must be able to see, hear, or otherwise perceive you in order to receive this benefit.

Mythic Favored Enemy Critical (Ex)

You may automatically confirm a critical threat against a favored enemy a number of times per day equal to your mythic tier.

Mythic Improved Stealth Attack

Non-mythic targets are considered flat-footed to you until the end of your turn in the first full round of combat.

Mythic Low-Light Vision

You always treat an area as if it was at least dimly illuminated. A darkness spell negates this ability, but only if its spell level is greater than your mythic tier.

Mythic Scent

You can detect opponents within 40 feet by sense of smell. If the opponent is upwind, the range increases to 60 feet; if downwind, it drops to 30 feet.

Mythic Skirmishing Attack

If you make more than one attack during the round, this ability applies to all of these attacks. Only mythic foes with uncanny dodge are immune to this ability.

Mythic Skilled Climber

You add your mythic tier to the second Climb check to stop your fall by clinging to the surface.

Mythic Skilled Swimmer

You add your mythic tier to the second Swim check to stop yourself from going underwater.

Mythic Stag’s Leap

You add your mythic tier to all Acrobatics checks made to jump, both for vertical jumps and horizontal jumps.

Mythic Stealthy Sniper

You take only a –10 penalty on your Stealth check (or –5 when in a favored terrain) when sniping.

Trap Finding

You may use the Perception skill to search for something (such as a trap or hidden creature) when in a favored terrain as a swift action.

Mythic Trackless Step

You may extend the benefits of trackless step to any friendly creature within 30 ft. of you. These friendly creatures must be able to see, hear, or otherwise perceive you in order to receive this benefit.

Mythic Uncanny Senses (Ex)

You add your mythic tier when using this ability.

Mythic Fast Movement

You can add the additional amount from fast movement to all your forms of movement, even temporary movement (such as gaining flight through a fly spell). In the case of movement based on your normal speed (such as making a Climb check to move 1/4 your speed), the additional movement is added both to your normal speed and again after all other calculations. Thus an unarmored human spell-less ranger with a 40 speed (30 feet, +10 feet for fast movement) can treat a Climb check to climb 20 feet as though it was only 10 feet (1/4 of his 40 foot speed +10 feet for mythic fast movement).

Mythic Woodland Stride

You may move freely through any naturally occurring difficult terrain. Additionally, thorns, briars, and overgrown areas that have been magically manipulated to impede motion have no effect on you unless they are from a mythic source.

Mythic Swift Tracker

You never take penalties to tracking based on movement, even if mounted or flying.

Mythic Evasion

When you take damage you may expend a use of mythic power to halve the amount of damage you take. This applies to ability damage and ability drain as well, but not to any ongoing damage from an effect you failed to save against. Thus you could use mythic evasion to halve the damage you take from a poison if you fail your save, but not any damage the poison deals after its initial effect.

Mythic Quarry

You add half your mythic tier (minimum +1) to the number of creatures you may have designated as a quarry at a time. If you have a current quarry, you still must wait an hour to designate a new quarry.

Mythic Camouflage

When in a favored terrain, if you are in circumstances that allow you to make a Stealth check, you are treated as if you were invisible (as the spell). You remain hidden in this way until you attack (per the invisibility spell’s definition of an attack), or you are no longer in a circumstance that allows a Stealth check.

Mythic Improved Evasion

On a failed Reflex save the rogue takes only 10% of an effect’s damage. Additionally, she only takes half damage from any area attack, even if it does not allow a Reflex save. A rogue must have the mythic evasion class feature before choosing the mythic improved evasion advanced talent.

Mythic Improved Quarry

You add half your mythic tier (minimum +1) to Survival checks and attack rolls made against his quarry. If he also has mythic quarry (see above), he can add a new quarry after 10 minutes, up to his maximum number of designated quarries.

Mythic Master Hunter

You add half your mythic tier (minimum +1) to the save DC of attacks made using the master hunter ability.

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