Mythic Spells (Y-Z)

Yarila’s Bounty

When the target is exposed to direct sunlight, it gains fast healing 5. The target need only be exposed to direct sunlight for 10 min. to be provided with a day’s normal nourishment, and any fatigued and exhausted conditions are removed. Exposure to direct sunlight for 30 min. or more removes poisons and diseases afflicting the target. Undead targeted by this spell take 5 hp damage each round when exposed to direct sunlight.

Youthful Appearance

You can use this spell to cause the target to take on the appearance and size of a child. This reduces the target’s size by one category, with a +1 size bonus on attack rolls and AC, a -2 penalty to the target’s Strength, and a -1 penalty to the target’s natural armor bonus to AC (if any, minimum 0). Unlike reduce person, the target does not gain a bonus to Dexterity.

Zone Of Foul Flames

You add your mythic tier to the Perception DC to notice the rippling distortion of the zone of foul flames, and you increase the circumstance bonus on saving throws enjoyed by creatures other than the creators of fire effects by an amount equal to one-half your tier (minimum 0). The backblast of a fire effect created within a mythic zone of foul flames also surrounds the creator of the effect is thick with billowing smoke equivalent to a smokestick. Each round the creator of the fire effect begins his turn within this smoke, he must succeed on a Fortitude save against the save DC of the fire effect he created or begin choking as if this smoke were a noxious sulfurous fume, causing him to become sickened for as long as he remains within the smoke and a number of rounds thereafter equal to one-half your mythic tier (minimum 1).

Zone Of Silence

You can cast this spell on another creature with a range of touch (Will negates (harmless), SR yes). The subject of the spell can dismiss its effects. In addition, if an effect would deal sonic damage to creatures within the mythic zone of silence, that sonic damage is converted into a deflective energy field of compressed sound that grants creatures within the mythic zone of silence a +2 circumstance bonus to Armor Class and on Reflex saves. This energy field discharges one hit point of stored sonic damage each round. In addition, if a hostile creature enters a mythic zone of silence, as an immediate action the subject of the spell can discharge some or all of the remaining sonic damage, dealing that sonic damage to the hostile creature (Fortitude half ). If the hostile creature fails its saving throw, it is deafened for 2d6 rounds.

Zone Of Truth

All Bluff checks within the zone of truth have a penalty equal to your mythic tier. This penalty is halved for creatures that succeed on their Will save.

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