Mythic Wizard Options

Mythic wizards are scholars without peer, and advisors to the most powerful mortals in their worlds.

Mythic Skill Points

The wizard gains 1 additional skill point per level, which must be spent on Craft, Knowledge, or Profession.

Mythic Skills

The wizard adds half his mythic tier (minimum +1) to all Craft, Knowledge, and Profession skills in has at least one rank in.

Mythic Spell List

The wizard can add one witch spell of a spell level he can cast, to his wizard class spell list. If he is mythic tier 5 he can add one bard or summoner spell of a spell level he can cast, to his wizard class spell list. If he is mythic tier 10 he can add one spell from any class list of a spell level he can cast, to his wizard class spell list. He must still take time and make a roll to learn the spell, but he is considered to always have access a source of the spell (as if he had another spellcaster’s spellbook with the spell in it).

This mythic class feature may be selected more than once. Each time it is selected, it adds another appropriate spell to the wizard’s class spell list.

Mythic Arcane Bond

The wizard’s arcane powers are greatly augmented by his mythic abilities, allowing his arcane bond to grant multiple benefits. If the wizard has already selected a familiar, he may also gain a bonded object. If he already has a bonded object, he may gain a familiar.

Alternatively, a wizard can make his existing arcane bond stronger, gaining one of the mythic arcane bonds below.

Mythic Bonded Object

The wizard suffers no penalties to cast spells when his bonded object is not worn or in hand. However, when it is worn or in hand, the wizard’s caster level (for purposes of the effectiveness of spells and caster level checks) is increased by 2.

Mythic Familiar

The wizard’s familiar is considered a mythic creature with a mythic tier equal to half its master’s (minimum tier 1). The wizard may choose to have any spell he casts originate and calculate its range from his familiar, rather than from himself. He must either be able to see his familiar, or have line of effect to his familiar, to cast spells in this way.

Mythic Scribe Scroll

The wizard gains the Mythic Scribe Scroll feat.

Mythic Arcane School

Each day, before preparing spells, the wizard selects one arcane school to specialize in, and two opposed schools. (Alternately, the wizard may specialize in the universalist school, in which case, no opposed schools are selected). The wizard retains selected specialized and opposed schools until he first prepares spells the next day.

When the wizard prepares spells, he may use his additional spell slots gained for specialization to prepare spells from the school he has specialized in for the day, and must expend higher- level spell slots to prepare schools from his opposed schools for the day. If any of those spells are still prepared when he next changes his school specialization, the prepared spells are dismissed and new spells must be prepared in those slots.

Mythic Cantrips

The wizard adds his mythic tier to the number of cantrips he can prepare.

Mythic Bonus Languages

The wizard gains a number of bonus languages equal to his tier.

Mythic Bonus Feats

The wizard’s mastery of magic feats is unmatched. Once each day as a full-round action he may change one metamagic or item creation feat he has selected. In essence, he loses one metamagic or item creation feat, and gains a new metamagic or item creation feat to replace it, as if he had retrained the feat. He may not swap out any feat he is using as a prerequisite.

This mythic class feature may be selected more than once, but not more times than the total number of metamagic or item creation feats the wizard has. Each time it is selected, it allows him to swap out a metamagic or item creation feat one additional time per day. He may swap out the same feat multiple times, or swap out different metamagic or item creation feats.

Mythic Spellbooks

The wizard creates one spellbook that contains the secret knowledge of a specific arcane school. If the wizard prepares spells from this spellbook when he first prepares spells for the day, he gains all the advantages of a specialist wizard of the selected arcane school. He gains only one bonus spell slot of each level for specialist spells, though he may use this slot for spells of his actual school or the school associated with his mythic spellbook.

The wizard can only possess one such spellbook at a time, and no other wizard may learn or prepare spells from it. If it is destroyed, the wizard can create it without access to a spellbook containing the same spells by re-scribing all the spells it contained. It must contain at least one spell of every spell level the wizard can cast.

A wizard must have the mythic arcane school class feature before he can take this mythic class feature. A wizard may take this mythic class feature more than once. Each time, it allows him to create a new spellbook with the secrets to another arcane school. No matter how many arcane schools he specializes in on a given day, he always has two (and only two) opposition school (determined each day when he prepares his spells). A wizard may never be specialized in an arcane school he has selected as an opposition school.

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