Mythos Bestiary
Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos - Pathfinder
++ -Abyssal Custodian (CR 18)
This armored insectoid-crustacean has thick, spiked, shiny chitin and resembles a machine as it hunches over. Its thick tail subdivides into claw-like cerci.

-Bhole (CR 17)

Darkness obscures the source of a deep grinding sound. Something vast and vaguely worm-like moves in the gloom, wrenching the earth apart as it moves.

-Bhole Hatchling (CR 14)

A huge worm-like organism, typically bursting from the earth or rock. It is eyeless, with a tattered hide that sloughs away and is regrown constantly, as well as a huge mouth with a star-like opening full of grinding teeth.

-Brain Cylinder (CR 1/4)

A transparent cylinder holds a single human brain connected to the inside walls with wires and tubes. The top and bottom of the cylinder have metal caps imbedded with sockets and studded with prongs for the attachment of devices. The liquid within glows eerily as sparks crawl over the brain and up and around the surface.

-Byakhee (CR 6)

This flying organism resembles an arthropod with a bloated abdomen. It has huge claws, wings, and an insectoid head.

-Colour Out Of Space (CR ?)

This dangerous region is more environment than creature.

-Dark Young (CR 7, CR 11, and CR 15)

This tree-like beast lurches forward on broad hooves. It has no face or eyes, but its oval body is ringed with gaping, whistling mouths. Long grasping tentacles wave madly from its dorsal side, slapping together like a dying fish flopping on a pile of carcasses.

-Deep One (CR 1/2, CR 2, and CR 7)

This fish-frog hybrid is of roughly humanoid shape with thick scales, claws, webbed extremities, and huge gill slits. Lidless bulging eyes and lipless fang-filled jaws shape its leering face.

-Denizen of Leng (CR 1/2)

This creature appears human at first glance, but has hooves instead of feet, furred legs, small horns, and an unsettlingly wide mouth.

-Dhole (CR 25)

This truly gigantic, miles-long worm horror with a huge engulfing mouth bursts through the world’s crust with earthquake-inducing force.

-Dhole Hatchling (CR 19)

This creature has a three-pronged mouth and a huge limbless body with gill-like slits along the sides.

-Dimensional Shambler (CR 13)

This twisted, nearly featureless humanoid has a loose-hanging hide and an insect-like head. It has four limbs, but the joints twist in every direction as the creature's form flickers in and out of visibility. A cold sensation like the brush of the wind covers your body, even beneath your clothes as this entity brings a new type of sensation from an alien universe.

-Elder Thing (CR 14)

This creature resembles an echinoderm with arm-like tentacles that spring from its mid-section, a star-shaped head, tube-veined wings, a ridged barrel-like body, and thick webbed tentacles emerging from its base. A piping or whistling, like an eerie giggling, erupts as its five eyes curve on their stalks to gaze at you.

-Eremite Symbiont (CR 10)

A horrific melding, the creature looks at first glance like a human riding a great winged monster, but the two parts are attached by a grotesque fleshy tube. The monster has a gigantic gaping mouth but no head, curved wings, and only a rudimentary body, tapering off into a thick prehensile tail.

-Fire Vampire (CR 9)

This huge flaming form is always burning and falling apart, yet never consumed. A face-like structure constantly forms and vanishes within the flames.

-Flying Polyp (CR 14)

This huge tentacled entity is not shapeless so much as its shape is not entirely visible. Parts of it vanish and reappear as it moves: its eyes, mouths, and tendrils flash in and out of sight. A great sweeping whistle penetrates your ears, blocking out all other noises for a moment.

-Formless Spawn (CR 8)

This black ropy construct of thick organic material swiftly changes form, emitting rope-like tendrils and building legs, mouths, and other structures seemingly without pattern. It is utterly silent despite the chaos of its ever-moving structure, though you keep expecting some sort of noise like a babbling brook or trembling pool of water.

-Ghast, Mythos (CR 3)

This vaguely humanoid creature is almost as big as a pony. It has long hooved legs on which it hops, clawed hands, and a hideous noseless head with oversized teeth. The reek of the grave surrounds it, turning the stomach as the creature lurches forward.

-Ghoul, Mythos (CR 1/2)

This humanoid creature has a semi-canine head, hooved feet, and claws. Its skin is pale and covered with grave-mold. The stench of rot and dust surrounds it but it doesn’t seem to notice.

-Gnoph-Keh (CR 15)

This tall, white-furred entity looms in the snow like an eerie statue. A pall of fear and unrest awakens in you as its small eyes seem to pierce into your soul.

-Gnorri, Mythos (CR 1/2)

This creature has a newt-like head, a long tapering body that ends in a prehensile tentacle, and a variable number of arms.

-Gug (CR 11)

This giant, black-furred humanoid's forearms split into two hands per arm. It has a vertical-slice of a mouth filled with fangs and is utterly silent.

-Hunting Horror (CR 16)

Flowing down directly from the sky, like black lightning, this wormlike creature appears before you, reeking of ancient rot. From between its armored plates seeps a grotesque mucus falling constantly like an unholy rain. Its many eyes stare at you with vile hatred.

-Leng Spider (CR 12)

This bloated, mottled purple spider's eyes shine eerily as if resenting the fact that you are still alive. Its head swivels to examine the area as a twinge of regret washes over you.

-Mi-Go, The Fungi From Yuggoth (CR 8)

This crustacean-like creature has multiple jointed limbs extending from its carapace and folded fanlike wings. Its head is a brain-like excrescence covered with small bristles that quickly shift colors.

-Moon-Beast (CR 2)

An unnatural scent invades your nostrils as a cluster of pink, wormlike sensory tendrils writhes from the nose of this hefty, eyeless, gray toad-like being. It tastes the air, making tiny sucking sounds that leave you simultaneously terrified and nauseous.

-Nightgaunt (CR 3)

This humanoid has slick violet-black skin, horns, claws, bat wings, and a long barbed tail. Its head is utterly featureless.

-Outer Mutant, Abomination, and Spawn (CR 4, CR 10, and CR 17)

  • Outer Mutant: This humanoid wears such voluminous robes it could hide a second person underneath.
  • Outer Spawn: This mass of flesh the size of an elephant has numerous tentacles, insect-like legs, and a sucking proboscis intermixed with humanoid eyes, mouths, and noses stretched across its upper body.

-Satyr, Mythos (CR 1)

This humanoid has misshapen limbs — its legs seemingly reversed — and its skull is warped by horns obviously not meant to be there. It leers with a mouth full of fangs.

-Serpentfolk (CR 5)

This serpent-headed humanoid wears elegant robes over its sinuous body. The cuffs of its sleeves reveal wicked claws, and a long tail emerges from beneath the hem of the robe.

-Servitor Of The Outer Gods (CR 3)

A constantly-flickering mass of eyes, mouths, and tentacles hangs in the air before you, emitting a piping noise from flutes of bone. As it writhes to its own horrific melody, a sense of dread envelopes you, as if you realize that something else—something far beyond space and time—is also listening.

-Shantak (CR 7)

This scaled, elephantine creature has two legs and a pair of massive wings, giving it a roughly bird-like outline. Its head is elongated and horse-like.

-Shoggoth (CR 20)

This massive clot of luminous black protoplasm surges forward, eyes and mouths and limbs forming and dissolving from its mass in a churning storm. The smell of rot and corruption assaults you, and equally disgusting is the squishy, unwholesome sound of fleshy pustules and tissue forming and breaking apart. It is the sickening sound of birth, growth, and decay all at once.

-Shoggoth, Proto- (CR 13)

The humanoid’s skin splits apart with the nauseating sound of tearing flesh as a monstrous pink mass of pseudopods emerges through a growing rent in its skin. A mass of reeking protoplasm boils forth from the deflated human skin, which slips limply to the ground.

-Shub-Niggurath, Daughter Of (CR 20)

This huge being has a beast-like body, somewhat like a pig or sheep. The form is eyeless and headless but sprouts tentacles, tusks, and other animalistic features.

-Slime Mold (CR 10)

This brightly-colored amoeba with pulsing veins and throbbing bladders is as big as a horse.

-Star Vampire (CR 9)

There is nothing before you but a chittering that tickles your ears, sending unwanted waves down your spine. Slowly, a swollen creature with huge talons and covered in masses of sucker-like proboscises comes into view, redly, for only where the blood inside of it sloshes around its form can you make out its shape.

-Starspawn (CR 17 and CR 20)

This gelatinous green monster has a vaguely octopoid head and a face that is a mass of feelers. It has titanic claws, bat-like wings, and a massive, corpulent form.

-Tcho-Tcho (CR 1/2, CR 6, and CR 8)

This small human woman's polite smile doesn't quite hide her pointed teeth.

-Undead, Mythos (CR 12)

This withered corpse stands in once-beautiful robes that barely hold together. Its flesh is strangely discolored and it has a writhing tentacle in place of one arm.

-Watcher of Green Pyramid (CR 20)

This vaguely dragonfly-like entity has a small knob-like head with horns or feelers but no other visible organs. The body is segmented and broken in the middle, where a brightly glowing green orb shines forth.

-Wendigo, Ravenous (CR 2)

This bestial man is covered with matted hair, his face indistinct save for a wide set of jaws. The creature’s belly is fleshless and glistening with exposed entrails that pulse and seethe.

-Wendigo, Windwalker (CR 16)

This towering figure’s body seems to be made of a churning mixture of wind, snow, and protoplasmic flesh. Two long arms end in claws and its bestial face has a hungry leer.

-Yith, Great Race Of (CR 14)

The creature resembles a mollusk with an iridescent, vaguely cone-shaped body about ten feet tall and a wide, snail-like foot. Four protrusions sprout from the dorsal side of the body: two claws, a grasping mouth, and some sort of horrific head bristling with sensing tentacles.

-Zoog, Mythos (CR 1/2)

This small, furry burrower has a bare, prehensile tail and a narrow, sharp-fanged mouth. The nose is subdivided into many small tentacles, which writhe constantly.

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