Mythos Rogue Talents
Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos - Pathfinder
The following rogue talents are available to any rogue but are most commonly used by researchers.

Flash of Insight (Ex)

The rogue is skilled at lateral thinking and deduction from limited information. Once per day, she can make a Knowledge skill check to learn a piece of information she has no way to know directly so long as she has some piece of indirect evidence for it. If the result of her check exceeds the DC by at least 5, she learns a related fact for every 5 points by which she exceeded the DC. She risks dread from learning unsettling knowledge (see Insanity and Dread) normally. The rogue can use this ability a second time per day at 8th level and a third time per day at 16th level.

Ritual Research (Ex)

The rogue automatically identifies a ritual's components (and thus how to foil it) if she sees it being cast. In addition, once during a ritual the rogue participates in as a primary caster or secondary caster, she can choose for a skill check to be rolled again. Use the new result even if it is worse. Finally, the rogue gains a +2 bonus on skill checks to decipher or use scrolls and texts as well as on checks to research rituals (page 128).

Suppress Memory (Ex)

The rogue can suppress a memory of a single encounter, adventure, or experience by concentrating for 1 minute once per day. This negates any dread or insanity gained as a result of that memory. The rogue can suppress only one memory at a time and the effects resume immediately when it is recalled with another 1 minute of concentration. The rogue doesn't know what memory was suppressed or why she suppressed it until she recalls it. This can allow a rogue to lie more easily by removing contradictory knowledge, granting a +10 circumstance bonus on a related Bluff check. Even if the rogue doesn't consciously know she is lying, she must still make a Bluff check to convince someone she’s telling the truth. Magic cannot detect such an unwitting lie except by digging deeply enough into the target's mind to know she has this rogue talent (for example, with dominate person), and even then, it does not reveal what information was hidden or whether it contradicts what the rogue claims unless the magic also compels the rogue to recall the memory.

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