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Announcing the Third-Party Publishers Store

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After talking things over with several of the companies whose content we host, we've decided to launch a new online store where you can pick up the content you enjoy. Now, this is a change from our initial plans for the site, so we'd like to take a few moments and address the big questions.

Why are you doing this?

From the very beginning, the Spheres of Power Wiki has been a supporter of companies publishing third-party content for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. After all, if these companies weren't publishing new rules, adventures, and options, we wouldn't be able to enjoy them in our home games. By operating an online store, we think the Publishers can get more support.

What makes your store different from other online stores?

The biggest difference in our store is that we've chosen to focus on a content-based navigation system. Let's say you want to find a class that focuses on dealing damage to your enemies. Instead of trying to guess at search terms or go through publishers one by one, our store will let you navigate through increasingly-specific categories to help you find the content that best matches what you want to do.

The store is not limited to player options - we plan to sell all types of content, including adventures, rulebooks, guides, and other content that publishers may be released.

How intrusive will ads for the store be?

Ads for the store will be located on content pages, and in addition to providing a link if you'd like to purchase the product in question, they'll also help make clear which product(s) the content on a given page came from. For various reasons, these will be static images that link to the store, rather than automatically-generated ads like those you might find when using a search engine. Images are generally under 100 kb, so these ads should have effectively no impact on loading times.

(Alternatively, if our tech partners can figure out how to do it, we may embed 'buy buttons' on the store so you can purchase directly from the wiki. At the time of this announcement, however, this is not the case.)

In addition, the fact that the website has already moved to a paid plan with Wikidot will remove the in-text ads you may have already encountered. These were inserted by Wikidot, not us, in order to help with their own revenue. They do not do this for any site who has a subscription with them.

What effect will this have on the continued development of the wiki?

By partnering directly with publishers, the wiki should have access to more third-party content than ever before, allowing us to increase the amount of content that you have free access to.

That said, the wiki is still its own thing. We will continue to search for and host content we feel is unique, interesting, well-written, and generally worth adding to games. We do not plan to host any content we feel is below a certain threshold of quality, so don't expect the wiki to suddenly fill up with anything and everything that's written (although you're always welcome to request a particular piece of content you're interested in, or even donate it in line with our policy on that). You will not need to pay for anything - now or ever - unless you want to.

Even if the store ultimately doesn't work out, the wiki will continue - it was started as a personal effort, and if need be, it can certainly continue as such.

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