Newsletter #1 - 3-27-2017

Hello, everyone! I'm the admin of the Spheres of Power Wiki, and today I wanted to let you all know a little more about what's been going on with the site, what you can expect in the future, and what some of the reactions to this site have been.

Expanding the Site

As many of you have noticed, the SoP Wiki is no longer focused exclusively on Spheres of Power - although that is, and will remain, the primary focus of the site. That said, there are a lot of good third-party products that I think deserve to get more notice than they really do… and that aren't likely to show up somewhere like Accordingly, I'm working on slowly transforming the Spheres of Power Wiki (despite the name) into a better resource for third-party products associated with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Over the next several months, you're likely to see continued expansions to the site as I work on adding material. I like to think of this as Stage 3 of the site's development. Stage 1 was finished when I added all of the content from Spheres of Power's main book, and Stage 2 finished with the completion of Gonzo, marking four major product categories that had been uploaded. Stage 3 is likely going to focus on smaller products, starting with the Kineticists of Porphyra and Legendary Kineticists series. Many of these new updates will be going onto the Other Options page, so check there regularly to see what else is coming out.

There's also going to be a fairly sizable expansion at the end of this year (or, more likely, in early 2018 - delays are practically inevitable in Kickstarted projects) when Spheres of Might comes out. Like Spheres of Power, that content is going to be hosted on the main page, rather than being limited to its own sub page, and I'm looking forward to being able to help you enjoy the system better.

(Note that Spheres of Might, like all upcoming products, will have a delayed release on this site and will not be available here on release day. For one, it will probably take me more than a day to actually get through all of that… and for two, it's customary to wait before uploading content. We strongly encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself and support the publisher - just know that after you have, we'll be following along to help make it easier to play with those rules.)

Outside of the rules content, the site has also gained a few miscellaneous pages that you may find useful. In particular, I recommend the BB Code Profile Template page if you play online and want a character sheet with nice formatting, and the Creature Templates page if you're running a game and want some new things to challenge your players with.

What's next?

I already mentioned the Kineticist-focused products, but in the near future, I'll also be expanding the Strange Magic page with the Herbalism rules, a recently updated product that turns growing and gathering into a surprisingly fun system.

Where are you getting all of these rules from, anyway?

Many of the rules hosted on this site are from products I purchased for my own games. Some of the material was also generously donated by supporters of the site.

Naturally, this site strives to remain in complete compliance with the Open Gaming License, which is what allows us to host content in the first place. This is why some pieces of content have had their names changed, and others have had bits of flavor and fluff changed or removed.

The Growth of the Site

I'm not gonna lie, there are more people using this site than I ever expected. Truth be told, I mostly made the site as a reference for myself and players in games I'm running, but it's grown to be rather more popular than I ever expected. Over the last month alone, there were nearly five thousand visitors to the site, and collectively you had over 66,000 pageviews - not too shabby for something I started as a personal reference.

I've also been surprised by the amount of support I've gotten from users and publishers alike - I've even gotten help from some of them, and that's made the site bigger and better than it would otherwise be. To protect their privacy, I won't be naming names, but you know who you are - and thank you.

The Most Popular Content

The following are the five most popular content pages that you've been visiting:

  1. Feats (3.87% of page views last month)
  2. Casting Traditions (3.02% of page views last month)
  3. The Destruction sphere (2.96% of page views last month)
  4. The Incanter class (2.12% of page views last month)
  5. The Alteration sphere (2.04% of page views last month)

I'm not gonna lie - the first four items on this list don't actually surprise me. Feats and Casting Traditions are relevant for all Spherecasters, and both the Destruction sphere and the Incanter class are popular, basic options.

I am surprised at how many of you were looking at the Alteration class, though - and the number of unique pageviews is in line with other content pages, which means it's not an inflated view count from people needing to reference it a lot. I've always loved shapeshifting characters, and seeing so much interest in that sphere has been a pleasant surprise.

(Also, given these stats, I wouldn't be surprised if Drop Dead Studios releases a book consisting entirely of feats sometime…)

Publisher Spotlight: Interjection Games

There are a lot of third-party publishers out there - more than many people ever realize - but few of them have managed the perfect combination of humor and mechanical expertise that Interjection Games has consistently demonstrated.

As the publisher of the content on the Strange Magic page, Interjection Games has done everything from magical compositions to truenaming, and I'm actually playing a character with ethermagic in one of my current games. My only regret is that I can't play with more of these rules, especially because this company truly understands game balance and has managed to create so many great systems without making them unfair for other players.

I strongly recommend checking out what they have to offer and buying a copy of any product you like - this is a publisher who's worth paying attention to.

Requests and Support

If there's a particular piece of content you'd like to have hosted on the site, you can request it through the Contact form. If I don't already have it, I can't promise I'll get it for you, but I will generally try to make user requests a priority. Note that we can only host material that's been designed as open gaming content.

If you'd like to support the site, you can also ask about donating content following the guidelines on the About page. For legal reasons, we can't just accept copies of PDFs - not unless you're a publisher providing your own work, anyway - but we can accept open gaming content as long as it follows the guidelines of the OGL. If you're not sure how to do this, go ahead and contact me through the link above and I'll help you through the process.

This site has no interest in getting financial support. If you'd like to support someone with money anyway, please Support the Publishers or donate that money to a charitable cause.

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