Nocturnus (Mesmerist Archetype)
The Gravecaller's Handbook
“The nocturnus, through pact, mishap, or supernatural phenomenon, formed a supernatural relationship with a power that inhabits his shadow. This power can take many forms, from a malevolent and sadistic energy to the gentle caress of nightfall. Each nocturnus’s shroud manifests differently, some silent, others with a personality much like another voice inside the nocturnus’s head, and others as indistinguishable whispers. Some theorize the same power granted to a nocturnus is what created the first vampires.” – Silas Drake, Shadow’s Immortal Heritor in his journals, documenting his own power.

Special: If combined with a mesmerist archetype that gains spherecasting (such as the spheres mesmerist or champion mesmerist archetypes), a nocturnus may use their casting ability modifier instead of their Charisma for any of the abilities granted by this archetype. In addition, the nocturnus uses her class level as her caster level for the Dark sphere and Mind sphere. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

Shroud of Night (Su)

At 1st level, the nocturnus may target one creature within 25 feet plus 5 feet per two mesmerist levels, wrapping the target with his shroud as a swift action.

The target takes a -1 penalty on all saving throws against the nocturnus’s abilities, increasing by -1 at 8th level, and every 8 levels thereafter. The nocturnus may choose for his shroud to not apply penalties, allowing him to wrap himself or his allies harmlessly.

The nocturnus can have a total number of creatures wrapped by his shroud equal to 1 + 1/2 his mesmerist level. Attempting to place a shroud in excess of this limit removes the oldest shroud. A creature cannot have more than one shroud placed on them at a time. The shroud remains on the target until the nocturnus ends the shroud or otherwise dismisses the shroud as a free action, the target dies, the target moves more than 25 feet plus 5 feet per two mesmerist levels away from the nocturnus, or the nocturnus falls unconscious or dies.

A shrouded creature is not aware of the shroud’s cloying whispers; the creature does not remember that it was affected (nor does it realize that it is currently being affected) unless the nocturnus allows it. The penalties from multiple nocturnus’s shrouds do not stack, nor do they stack with penalties from a mesmerist’s hypnotic stare or a witch’s evil eye hex. If the nocturnus takes damage while in an area of bright light, he must succeed at a DC 20 concentration check or have all of his shrouds end, with each affected creature able to remember being under the shroud’s effects. The nocturnus’s shroud is a mind-affecting, shadow effect.

This alters hypnotic stare. A nocturnus’s shroud is otherwise treated as the mesmerist’s hypnotic stare class feature.

Special: A creature without a shadow who gains this class feature begins to cast a shadow (such as a vampire with the shadowless special quality).

Whispers of Night (Su)

At 1st level, the nocturnus begins to harness the latent power carried in the darkness of their shroud in the form of whispers of night. By ending one or more ongoing shrouds, the nocturnus can use a whisper of night to create an effect. Whispers of night can be used as a free action that can be taken even when it is not the nocturnus’s turn, unless otherwise stated. A whisper of night may only be used once per round. If a whisper of night would call for a saving throw, the nocturnus shroud’s penalties apply for the affected target’s saving throw. The DC for any whisper of night that requires a saving throw is 10 + 1/2 the nocturnus mesmerist’s level + the nocturnus mesmerist’s Charisma modifier.


At 1st level, the nocturnus may end one shroud when a shrouded creature attempts a skill check to grant that shrouded creature a morale bonus on that skill check equal to 2 + 1/2 his mesmerist level. A creature may only benefit from this whisper of night once every minute.


At 2nd level, the nocturnus may end any number of shrouds to attempt a Stealth check to hide against each shrouded creature, even if observed. The nocturnus gains a bonus on his Stealth check equal to 1/2 his mesmerist level against each shrouded creature he has cover or concealment against.


At 2nd level, the nocturnus may end one shroud as an immediate action when a shrouded creature makes an attack roll to force the attacking creature to reroll their attack roll and use the second result (Will negates). This whisper of night must be used before the results of the attack roll are revealed.


At 4th level, the nocturnus may end one shroud when a shrouded creature rolls for initiative to allow the nocturnus to use that creature’s initiative roll in place of his own.

When the nocturnus chooses to use the shrouded creature’s initiative, he may force the shrouded creature to use his original initiative roll (Will negates).


At 6th level, the nocturnus may end one shroud as an immediate action after a shrouded creature takes damage to cause the shrouded creature to take an additional 1d6 damage per 3 mesmerist levels he possesses (Fortitude half). This is a pain effect. This whisper of night counts as possessing the painful stare class feature. A shrouded creature who fails their saving throw against this whisper of night treats this damage as painful stare damage for the purposes of feats and effects.


At 6th level, the nocturnus may end one shroud as an immediate action to the shrouded creature a single decoy (as the Illusion sphere Decoy talent’s defensive decoy (glamer)) that lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 his mesmerist level.


At 8th level, the nocturnus may end any number of shrouds as an immediate action to heal himself and each shrouded creature a number of hit points equal to his 1d6 per 3 mesmerist levels plus his Charisma modifier. This healing cannot restore a creature’s hit points above half their normal maximum and any healing in excess of half their normal maximum hit points is instead gained as temporary hit points, that last for 1 minute.

Billowing Shadows

At 10th level, the nocturnus may end one shroud as an immediate action to spread black fog from the shrouded creature’s space in a 10-foot radius. This functions as the Nature sphere (water) package Fog effect, except the fog is an illusion and is not dispersed or moved by wind effects. The nocturnus can see through the fog perfectly, as though it were transparent. The fog remains in the space it is initially created in for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 his mesmerist level.


At 10th level, the nocturnus may end one shroud to cause the shrouded creature to become paranoid of their allies for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 his mesmerist level (Will negates). This is a mind-affecting effect. A paranoid creature must attempt saving throws to resist all spells and effects from his allies and his allies are treated as enemies for the purposes of providing flanking for his enemies.

Reach of Shadows

At 12th level, the nocturnus may end one shroud as part of casting a spell that targets a single creature to treat himself as though he were adjacent to the shrouded creature and possessed line of sight and line of effect for the spell. This allows the nocturnus to make a melee touch attack or target the shrouded creature when he otherwise could not.


At 14th level, the nocturnus may end one shroud as an immediate action after being affected by a minor, moderate, or greater condition listed under the touch treatment class feature to force the shrouded creature to also suffer the condition (Will negates). A shared effect inflicted this way lasts for up to a number of rounds equal to 1/2 his mesmerist level or the shared effect’s original duration, whichever is shorter. The nocturnus may use this whisper of night even if the condition he suffered would make him unable to act.


At 14th level, the nocturnus may end any number of shrouds to permanently fascinate each shrouded creature (Will negates). This fascinated effect can be ended normally; the duration is merely indefinite until broken. A creature fascinated by this whisper of night cannot be fascinated again by this effect for 24 hours. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Eyes of Darkness

At 16th level, the nocturnus may end any number of shrouds to pinpoint each shrouded creature for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 his mesmerist level. Treat this as blindsight with an unlimited range. If the shrouded creature possesses an effect that would negate blindsight, such as the Scout sphere Lurker talent or Dampen Presence feat, the nocturnus is made aware of the shrouded creature’s position at the time of using this shroud of night and gains a bonus on Perception checks made to detect the shrouded creature equal to twice their mesmerist level for the duration of this effect.


At 18th level, the nocturnus may end a shroud placed on himself to envelop himself in pure shadow for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 his mesmerist level. As long as the nocturnus is under this effect, he may teleport into an unoccupied space adjacent to any shrouded creature as a move action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, reducing the duration of this effect by 1 round. The nocturnus may use this whisper of night as a move action to teleport to another shrouded creature as part of activating this effect.


At 18th level, the nocturnus may end one shroud as a standard action to deafen, blind, and suppress all forms of perception the shrouded creature possesses, such as blindsight, tremorsense, and scent, for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 his mesmerist level (Will negates). This is a curse effect and can be removed by the remove curse spell or another appropriate effect.

This ability replaces mesmerist tricks, painful stare, and masterful tricks.

Bold Shroud (Su)

At 3rd level, the nocturnus’s shroud can be augmented by bold stare improvements. If a bold stare improvement would cause hypnotic stare’s penalty to apply to a new or specific type of saving throw, it instead increases the shroud’s penalty towards that saving throw by +1 (ex. the lethality bold stare improvement would increase the shroud’s penalty on saving throws against poison and disease).

This alters bold stare.

Legion of Shadows (Su)

At 5th level, whenever the nocturnus uses his shroud ability to wrap a creature with his shroud, he may wrap one additional creature for every 5 mesmerist levels he possesses.

This ability replaces manifold tricks.

Shadow’s Embrace (Su)

At 8th level, the penalties from the nocturnus’s shroud apply to all saving throws, not just saving throws against the nocturnus’s abilities.

In addition, whenever the nocturnus uses his shroud ability, he may choose to also wrap himself with his shroud. A shroud created this way does not count against the maximum number of shrouds the nocturnus may have active at once.

Nocturnus Feats

The nocturnus can select from the following feats to empower their shroud, and may select them in place of a bold stare improvement.

Long Shadows

Prerequisites: Shroud class feature, 7th-level nocturnus.

Benefits: The range the nocturnus may use and maintain the effects of his shroud increases to 100 feet plus 10 feet per mesmerist level.

Persisting Shroud

Prerequisites: Shroud class feature, 5th-level nocturnus.

Benefits: When the nocturnus uses a whisper of night and ends a shroud, that shroud lingers for 2 rounds. It cannot be used for a whisper of night again, but continues to apply its penalties for this duration. Placing a new shroud on a target with a persisting shroud ends the persisting shroud immediately.

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