Occult Scourer (Warpriest Archetype)

Class Skills: Remove Knowledge (engineering) (Int) from the warpriest’s list of class skills.

Inquisition: At 1st level, an occult scourer gains the exorcism inquisition†. He uses his warpriest level as his effective inquisitor level when determining the effects of this inquisition.

This ability replaces blessings.

Order: At 1st level, an occult scourer gains the order class feature, as a cavalier. He must select an order set against the occult as his cavalier order and unlike a cavalier, an occult scourer cannot change his order. The occult scourer gains his order’s additional class skills and skill bonuses, but he does not gain his order’s challenge benefit unless he also possesses the challenge class feature. If the warpriest gains the order class feature from another class, levels of warpriest stack with other class levels when determining when he gains his order abilities as well as his order’s bonuses.

This ability replaces focus weapon, fervor 1d6, fervor 3d6, and the warpriest’s 15th-level bonus feat.

Detect Spirits (Sp): At 3rd level, an occult scourer can use detect pact spirits† at will.

This ability replaces the warpriest’s 3rd-level bonus feat.

Sacred Weapon (Su): Beginning at 4th level, an occult scourer may also use his sacred weapon ability to enhance a weapon with the pact bane special ability.

This ability alters sacred weapon.

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