Old Barbarian Rage Powers

The following are new Barbarian Rage Powers.

Blood Taker (Su)

While raging, any round that the barbarian ends her turn with a creature (other than herself) suffering from bleed damage within her natural reach, she heals a number of hit points equal to the bleed damage that creature takes. If multiple creatures within this area take bleed damage, only the highest value is used.

Bright-Burning Rage (Ex)

The barbarian may spend a round of rage to recover 2d6 hit points as a standard action.

Empowered by the Light (Ex)

While raging, whenever the barbarian confirms a critical hit, they gain temporary hit points equal to their class level. The hit points stack with themselves and with all temporary hit points from other sources, and last until the end of the rage.

Nature’s Wrath (Su)

While raging, your melee and thrown weapons are charged with the positive energy of the very soul of nature itself. Your attacks ignore damage reduction on creatures damaged by positive energy.

Raging Storm

Choose three (mantle) talents. While raging in appropriate weather, the barbarian gains their effects. For every 6 barbarian levels treat the weather as 1 step more severe for the purpose of determining the mantles’ effects.

Special: This rage power can be selected more than once. Its effects do not stack. Each time the barbarian chooses three additional (mantle) talents.

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