Old Beastlord

Beastlord: At 1st level, the beastlord gains the Mind sphere as a bonus talent and treats her class level as her caster level for this sphere. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources. The beastlord is treated as an animal for the purposes of being affected by the charms and other mind-affecting effects of other magic users, and may affect animals, vermin, and magical beasts with her own mind-affecting effects.

This replaces quick transformation.

Hunter’s Call (Su): At 4th level, the beastlord may spend 2 spell points to target any number of animals, magical beasts, and vermin at medium range. The targets must make a Will save or else it will treat her words and actions favorably (targets who can’t understand her language can only obey simple instructions). The beastlord can give the targets orders, but she must win an opposed Charisma check to convince the creature to do something it wouldn’t ordinarily do. Non-mindless targets never follow suicidal or obviously harmful orders, though intelligent targets may be convinced that something dangerous is worth doing.

Only 2 HD of creatures per caster level may be affected with this ability, and the creatures only remain under the beastlord’s control for 1 hour per caster level. A magical beast’s HD count as 1.5 HD for determining this. The beastlord may establish a preferred order for influencing creatures in this manner, but by default creatures with the least HD are affected first. Creatures with greater than animal intelligence will remember that they were influenced in this way, and they may seek revenge after the effect ends.

This ability replaces lingering transformation.

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