Old Broadcast Blade
The Worldwalker's Handbook

Author’s Note: The Personal Warp drawback is highly recommended for this archetype, particularly with Emergency Teleport, Pouncing Teleport, or Quick Teleport selected as the bonus talent.

Warp Warrior: The broadcast blade must choose the Warp sphere with the magic talent she gains at first level, unless she already possesses the Warp sphere.

Broadcast (Su): At 2nd level, a broadcast blade can twist space as a standard action to make a single melee weapon attack against an entire area. Choose an area from the list of shapes below. She makes a single attack and rolls only once for attack, damage, and any other variables involved in her attack and applies those results to each creature in the area.

At 11th level, a broadcast blade can use a full-round action to strike every target in the chosen area twice instead of once. She rolls twice, and applies each result to every creature in the area.

The broadcast ability can be used in conjunction with Pouncing Teleport as if it was an attack, or a full attack action if attacking twice.

  • Lance: At 2nd level the broadcast blade learns the lance shape, allowing her to attack all targets in a line. Her line may be of any length up to a maximum length of 10 ft. plus an additional 5 ft. at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter (so 15 ft. at 5th, 20 ft. at 10th, 25 ft. at 15th, and 30 ft. at 20th).
  • Scythe: At 4th level the broadcast blade learns the scythe shape. She may attack all targets in a number of squares within her reach. She may attack into 5 contiguous squares plus an additional square at 10th level and every 5 levels thereafter (so 6 at 10th, 7 and 15th, and 8 at 20th).
  • Axe: At 8th level the broadcast blade learns the axe shape, allowing her to attack all targets in a cone. Her cone may be of any size up to a maximum of 10 ft., increasing by 5 ft. at 20th level and every 10 levels thereafter (so 15 ft. at 20th).

This replaces the mystic combat at 2nd level, and the bonus combat feats at 4th and 8th levels.

Tactical Teleport: At 3rd level, the broadcast blade can make rapid, short range teleports. When the broadcast blade teleports herself (and only herself) to a location within 10 ft. she may spend an additional spell point to teleport as a swift action instead of a standard action. The range of this teleport increases by 5 ft. every 4 levels thereafter (15 ft. at 7th, 20 ft. at 11th, 25 ft. at 15th, and 30 ft. at 19th).

This replaces stalwart.

Blitzing Blade: At level 20, the broadcast blade no longer spends an additional spell point to use the tactical teleport class feature, and may use broadcast to strike every target twice as a standard action instead of a full-round action.

This replaces spellsword.

Mystic Combat: These unique mystic combats are only available to the broadcast blade.

  • Aggressive Teleport: You gain Pouncing Teleport as a bonus magic talent. In addition, when using Pouncing Teleport you may choose to do so aggressively, gaining +2 to attacks but -2 to armor class until your next turn as if you had charged.
  • Broadcast Shield: You learn to apply your talents more defensively. Any allies adjacent to you may add your shield bonus to their armor class.
  • Elusive Teleport: When you teleport, you gain a +1 dodge bonus to armor class until the start of your next turn. This bonus increases by +1 for every 10 broadcast blade levels you possess, and does not stack with itself.
  • Selective Broadcast: You may exclude a number of 5-ft. squares equal to your casting ability modifier from the area of your broadcast ability.
  • Spatial Skirmisher: You gain Spatial Reach as a bonus magic talent. When you use it on yourself, you may use your broadcast blade level as your caster level for this ability if it is higher.
  • Variable Broadcast: (Requires broadcast blade level 11) When you make two attacks with broadcast, you may use a different shape and target a different area with each attack.
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