Old Chronomancer

While the power most symbiats gain from bonding with psionic aberrations grants them enhanced mental capabilities, some symbiats attract even stranger and more unusual beings. Granted power over time and space itself, these “chronomancers” have unparallelled power over reality.

Chronomancy: The chronomancer gains the Time and Warp spheres as bonus magic talents. If he has either of these spheres already, he receives instead a bonus talent from that sphere instead.

This replaces mental powers.

Psionics (Su): The chronomancer’s powers are fundamentally different than those of most symbiats. The chronomancer does not gain any of the psionic effects normally available to the symbiat, and instead gains access to the following psionic effects:

Rapid Teleportation: Whenever the chronomancer uses the teleport ability of the Warp sphere to transport only himself and up to a light load, he may do so as a move action instead of a standard action. If the chronomancer possesses the Quick Teleport talent, he may instead use the teleport ability as a swift action, so long as he teleports only himself and up to a medium load. The chronomancer does not need to expend a standard action to activate this ability as normal for a psionic effect, but each use of this ability expends one 1 round from his total psionic effect rounds per day.

Temporal Feedback Loop: The chronomancer may trap one enemy within 60 ft. in a time-altering effect that causes them to experience the same moment during multiple timelines, to the enemy’s detriment. The target is allowed a Will saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 the chronomancer’s class level + his Intelligence modifier) to resist this effect. A target who fails their saving throw against this effect must roll twice for every attack roll, saving throw, skill check, or ability check they make while under the effects of this ability, taking the lower result. Regardless of whether the target succeeds or fails at their saving throw, each use of this ability consumes a minimum of 1 round of the chronomancer’s psionics. At 13th level, the chronomancer may target and maintain this effect against up to two creatures at once when using this ability. At 19th level, the chronomancer may target up to and maintain this effect against up to three creatures at once.

Warp Dodge: The chronomancer can use their mastery of time and space to help protect himself and his allies from detrimental effects. So long as this effect is active, as an immediate action the chronomancer may grant himself or an ally within 60 ft. a bonus to a single saving throw equal to 1/2 his class level (minimum 1). The chronomancer may use this ability after the roll is made, but must use this ability before the result of the saving throw is known.

Timeline Link: Starting at 3rd level, the chronomancer gains the ability to create a minor temporal paradox that allows him to create a situation where he has already given an ally advice on how to accomplish a task. Choose one ally within 60 feet; whenever that ally makes a skill check using a skill the chronomancer is trained in, he may use the aid another action to assist them with the check as a free action that can be taken even when it’s not his turn, and regardless of his current condition (though this ability must be active and the chronomancer must be conscious). The chronomancer may change the target of this ability as part of the free action used to maintain his psionic effects each round. At 10th level, the chronomancer may share this ability with all allies within 60 feet.

Warp Edge: From 6th level on, the chronomancer gains the ability to apply a spatial distortion to the edge of his weapon, or the weapon of an ally within 60 ft., allowing it to more easily pass through armor and deal grievous blows. Creatures benefiting from this psionic effect gain a +2 circumstance bonus to attack rolls and a +4 bonus to damage rolls with any weapon they wield. At 9th level and every three levels thereafter, the chronomancer may affect one additional target with this ability. Creatures who move more than 60 ft. away from the chronomancer immediately lose all benefits of this ability until they are once more within 60 ft. of the chronomancer.

Temporal Accord: At 7th level, the chronomancer gains the ability to create a special localized time stream around himself and his allies. Whenever the party rolls for initiative, all allies within 30 ft. of the chronomancer may take the highest initiative roll from amongst themselves and add their own modifiers to it (for example, the chronomancer and three of his allies roll initiative and their results are 7, 10, 13, and 16; all affected allies may choose to take 16 and add their own initiative modifiers).

Whenever multiple allies within 30 ft. are required to make a Reflex saving throw from the same effect (such as multiple allies being within the area of the same fireball spell) they may all roll their saving throw and take the highest result from amongst themselves, applying their own modifiers.

Improved Rapid Teleportation: At 9th level, the chronomancer gains Group Teleport from the Warp sphere; if he already possesses this talent from another source, he may instead take any Time or Warp talent he qualifies for. In addition, the chronomancer may now use the action economy increases from his rapid teleportation ability even when teleporting multiple creatures, as long as he pays the appropriate costs as detailed in Group Teleport.

Temporal Armor: Upon reaching 11th level, the chronomancer gains the ability to surround himself and nearby allies in a shifting field of broken causality that protects them from harm. While this ability is active, the chronomancer and all allies within 30 ft. gain a +4 insight bonus to their AC and Reflex saving throws.

Chronomantic Mastery: At 16th level, the chronomancer gains Improved Haste from the Time sphere; if he already possesses this talent from another source, he may instead take any Time or Warp talent he qualifies for. In addition, whenever the chronomancer uses the haste ability from the Time sphere, he may expend two rounds of his psionics to grant the target an extra move action, 1 additional attack of opportunity, and increases the bonus to attack rolls granted by Improved Haste from +1 to +4 for the duration of the haste effect.

Greater Temporal Accord: From 19th level on, the chronomancer may use spells and sphere effects on any target benefiting from either his timeline link or temporal accord abilities, regardless of distance, line of sight, or line of effect.

This alters psionics.

Enhanced Teleportation: Starting at 3rd level, the chronomancer’s mastery of time and space begins to become instinctual and inform all his uses of related magic. The chronomancer increases the maximum distance he can travel when using the teleport ability by 10 ft. and extends the duration of all alter time effects by 1 round; if an alter time effect would normally have a duration measured in minutes or hours, the effect is instead extended by 1 minute or 1 hour, as appropriate. The range of his teleport ability increases by an additional 10 ft. and the duration of his alter time effects increase by an additional 1 round for every three chronomancer levels he possesses beyond 3rd.

This replaces pushed movement.

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