Old Dimension Shifter
The Worldwalker's Handbook

Author’s Note: Dimension Shifter is explicitly compatible with the Martial Shifter archetype from Champions of the Spheres, despite its modification of the quick transformation feature. However, when combined with Martial Shifter the Dimension Shifter gains the dimension shifting feature at 2nd level instead of 1st.

A dimension shifter learns to transform her body into a ghostly substance. She shifts through dimensions as easily as shifting between forms.

Class Skills: A dimension shifter adds Knowledge (planes) to her list of class skills and removes Handle Animal from her list of class skills.

Blink: The dimension shifter gains Blink as a bonus magic talent, even if she does not possess the Warp sphere. She may use her dimension shifter level as her caster level for this ability if it is higher.

This replaces wild empathy.

Dimension Shifting: When a dimension shifter shapeshifts herself and only herself, she may cause herself to blink as part of the same action. She may also maintain both effects on herself as a single concentration action, and may spend a single spell point to maintain both effects on herself without concentration for 1 minute per caster level.

This replaces quick transformation.

Ghostly Sight (Su): At 3rd level a dimension shifter can perceive the ethereal plane from the material when she blinks, allowing her to see and hear ethereal creatures and objects normally. This ability to perceive the ethereal plane is limited to a 30-ft. range. A dimension shifter can easily tell the difference between what is ethereal and material.

This replaces endurance.

Dive (Su): At 4th level a dimension shifter may spend a spell point to take a special move action referred to as a dive. She moves up to 30 ft. and may choose to move through solid objects, allowing her to pass through solid walls or sink through floors. She may not pass through force effects or other surfaces that would block incorporeal or ethereal creatures. If she would end her action inside a solid object she takes 1d6 damage and is shunted to the nearest open space.

This replaces lingering transformation.

Ghostly Touch (Su): At 5th level a dimension shifter can easily interact with other dimensions when she blinks. While blinking she can interact with ethereal and incorporeal creatures as if they were solid, allowing her natural attacks to count as magical and deal full damage to incorporeal creatures. In addition, she applies her natural armor against the touch attacks of incorporeal creatures.

This replaces steal language.

Submerge (Su): At 9th level a dimension shifter may linger within an object after using dive. As long as she is adjacent to open space at the end of her dive, she may end her action inside of a solid object. She can see into adjacent space unobscured while submerged, and can remain submerged for up to one minute per dimension shifter level. She may exit the object at any point as part of normal movement (spending 5 ft. of her movement to move into any adjacent unoccupied space), or may use dive again to continue moving through solid objects.

This replaces extended transformation.

Ghostly Claws (Su): At 11th level a dimension shifter can cause her attacks to effortlessly pass through defenses when she blinks. Once per turn while blinking, she may choose to resolve a single natural attack as a touch attack. Also, she may spend a spell point as a free action to resolve all her natural attacks as touch attacks until the beginning of her next turn.

This replaces boundless communication.

Ghostly Presence (Su): At 15th level a dimension shifter’s presence on the material is much more selective when she blinks. She may spend a spell point as an immediate action to halve all damage done to her until the beginning of her turn, though this does not apply to force effects, ghost touch weapons, or other effects that would ignore her blink miss chance. In addition, she can choose to become nearly weightless as a free or immediate action, making her immune to fall damage and fail to set off traps or other effects that would be triggered by weight.

This replaces endless communication.

Deep Dive (Su): At 17th level a dimension shifter can dive as a full-round action instead of a move action, allowing her to move up to 60 ft. instead of 30 feet. In addition, she may remain within an object after diving for up to one hour per dimension shifter level.

This replaces greater transformation.

Effortless Dive (Su): At 20th level a dimension shifter no longer needs to spend a spell point to dive, and may remain within solid objects for any length of time.

This replaces second skin.

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