Old Divine Heretic

Casting: The divine heretic may combine spheres and talents to create magical effects. The divine heretic is considered a Mid-Caster and uses Charisma as his casting ability modifier. (Note: All casters gain 2 bonus talents and may select a casting tradition the first time they gain the casting class feature.)

This replaces the spells class feature, as well as the divine heretic’s ability to spontaneously cast ‘cure’ or ‘inflict’ spells.

Spell Pool: The divine heretic gains a small reservoir of energy he can call on to create truly wondrous effects, called a spell pool. This pool contains a number of spell points equal to his level + his Charisma modifier (minimum: 1). This pool replenishes once per day after roughly 8 hours of rest.

Magic Talents: A divine heretic gains 1 magic talent every time he gains a caster level.

Strength of Conviction: The divine heretic receives the Steadfast Personality feat as a bonus feat at 1st level, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. He uses his Charisma in place of Wisdom for any warpriest abilities he possesses.

Domain Spheres: At 1st level, the divine heretic gains two spheres as his domain spheres. The first of these spheres is the War sphere. A divine heretic gains the War sphere and Totemic Aura as bonus talents, as well as the Personal Conflict drawback. This drawback may be bought off as normal. If the divine heretic already possesses the War sphere, then the Totemic Aura talent is gained as a bonus talent with no drawback. If both are already possessed, then he may choose any talent from the War sphere as a bonus talent.

The second domain sphere may be any sphere of the divine heretic’s choice. A divine heretic uses his class level as his caster level with both his domain spheres. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources.

This replaces blessings.

Fervent Casting (Su): At 2nd level, as a swift action, a divine heretic can expend one use of this ability to use any sphere ability with a casting time of 1 round or shorter. When used this way, the ability can target only the divine heretic or equipment he is carrying, even if it could normally affect others or multiple targets. Abilities that create an area that moves with the divine heretic (such as a totemic aura or a Fate consecration) may be cast with this ability. The spell point cost of the ability must still be paid. If the sphere ability creates an ongoing effect, it lasts an additional number of rounds equal to the divine heretic’s Charisma modifier. The divine heretic may use his fervor a number of times per day equal to 1/2 his class level + his Charisma modifier.

This modifies fervor.

Domain Mastery (Su): At 10th level, the heretic can expend a two uses of his fervor to add any one magic talent from his domain spheres that he qualifies for to his list of talents known for the purposes of a single use of a sphere ability. They may use this ability with their fervent casting class ability without needing to spend additional fervor.

This replaces channel energy.

Endless Fervor (Su): At 20th level, once per day as a swift action, the heretic may connect with the cosmic source of all their power, unhindered by the interference of the divine. During this action, he may use an unlimited number of sphere abilities from his domain spheres that target himself or his equipment. He must pay spell point costs normally.

This replaces aspect of war.

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