Old Divine Lariat
Spheres of Power: Expanded Options
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A divine lariat is proficient with all simple weapons, martial weapons and the lasso. She is proficient in light armor and medium armor but not in shields.

This modifies the standard mageknight’s weapon and armor proficiency.

Magic Lasso (Su): Any lasso in the divine lariat’s hands becomes magically empowered, gaining a longer reach, becoming more durable, and harder to escape from when used to entangle a foe. These benefits only endure so long as the divine lariat is holding the lasso.

Level Lasso Hit Points Lasso AC Escape Artist DC Strength DC Lasso Reach
1st 5 12 17 25 15 ft
5th 10 14 20 27 20 ft
9th 15 16 23 30 25 ft
13th 20 18 25 33 30 ft
17th 25 20 27 36 35 ft

At 8th level, these benefits endure for 1 round per level, even after the divine lariat releases the lasso, but does not retain these benefits if used by another creature (i.e., a target entangled with the divine lariat’s lasso must still fight against the lasso’s empowered hit points, AC, and Escape Artist and Strength DC, but another target cannot use the lasso’s enhanced abilities if attempting to entangle another target).

At 16th level, the benefits endure for 1 hour per level after the divine lariat releases the lasso.

This replaces the casting class feature. A divine lariat still gains spell points, and counts her mageknight levels toward her spell point total.

Lasso Tricks (Ex): As a divine lariat grows in power, she gains the ability to use her lasso to accomplish greater feats.

At 1st level, the divine lariat gains the Weapon Focus (lasso) feat as a bonus feat.

At 2nd level, the divine lariat may treat her lasso as a one-handed weapon, and as a melee reach weapon with a 10ft reach for the purposes of threatening squares, not provoking attacks of opportunity (so long as the target is within the divine lariat’s melee range), etc. When making a maneuver against a target outside of this range, the lasso still counts as a ranged weapon, provoking attacks of opportunity as normal. In addition, as a move action she may disengage her lasso with a quick series of tugs, disengaging it and returning it to herself.

At 4th level, a divine lariat can use her lasso to perform a dirty trick, disarm, steal or trip maneuver against a target, even at range. If an opponent is already entangled in her lasso, the divine lariat she can make a drag or reposition maneuver against that opponent. The divine lariat needn’t move with her opponent unless the maneuver’s movement would put the opponent beyond the reach of her lasso.

At 6th level, the divine lariat can attempt a grapple maneuver at range against a target she has entangled with her lasso. While grappling a target in this fashion, she may only move the target, pin them, or tie them up. She is not considered grappled while grappling a target in this fashion.

At 10th level, a divine lariat may make dirty trick maneuvers and steal maneuvers in place of an attack with her lasso.

This replaces all magic talents gained by the divine lariat.

Bound Enemy (Su): At 7th level, as a full- round action, the divine lariat’s lasso can expand to entangle entire groups of enemies. The lasso becomes an area attack weapon with a 10 foot radius. Anyone within the radius must make a Reflex save against a difficulty of 10 + 1⁄2 the divine lariat’s class level + the divine lariat’s Dexterity modifier or become entangled. In addition, anyone entangled by this attack is pulled together into the nearest open space to the center of the attack.

This replaces marked.

Critical Roping (Ex): At 19th level, whenever a divine lariat successfully confirms a critical hit with a lasso, she can make a free combat manuever against that target.

This ability replaces spell critical.

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