Old Doomblade

Destructive Blade (Sp): As a swift action, rather than expelling a destructive blast as a simple attack, a doomblade can wrap destructive energies around his hand for a number of round equal to his Casting Ability Modifier (minimum 1), surrounding it with power. This wrapping can take any visual form the doomblade desires, from a blade, to a hammer, to a simple ball of swirling energy, but the form is merely cosmetic. The doomblade is considered armed with his destructive blast, and can make touch attacks in place of regular attacks. Rather than having its power determined by the doomblade’s caster level, the destructive blade always treats the doomblade’s level as its caster level.

The destructive blade cannot be augmented by blast shape talents or have its damage increased to one die per caster level, but otherwise can be augmented like any other destructive blast.

If another destructive blade is summoned, any previously summoned destructive blades immediately disappear.

This replaces resist magic.

Destructive Focus: At 1st level, the doomblade must choose the Destruction sphere as one of his starting talents. If the Destruction sphere is already possessed, then any talents gained at 1st level may be chosen as usual.

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