Old Draugr

(This archetype uses material from Spheres of Might)

Proficiencies: Draugr are proficient with simple weapons, as well as light armor and bucklers. In addition, if this is the character’s first level in any class, they may select a martial tradition of their choice.

This modifies proficiencies.

Blended Training (Ex): Whenever a draugr would gain a magic talent from his class levels (not the 2 bonus talents gained when first gaining the casting class feature), he may instead choose to gain a combat talent. A draugr uses his casting ability modifier as his practitioner modifier.

This modifies magic talents. This archetype may be combined with other archetypes that replace magic talents; you cannot gain a combat talent in place of a magic talent the other archetype loses.

Rage (Ex): The draugr gains rage as the barbarian (or unchained barbarian, if used) class feature, treating his draugr levels as barbarian levels for determining its effects.

This replaces wraith form.

Spirit of Wrath: At 1st level, the draugr gains the Berserker sphere as a bonus sphere.

At 2nd level, while possessing a creature, the draugr may grant that creature the benefits and penalties of his rage ability, spending round from his pool. The host is fatigued at the end of this rage as usual. If the draugr possesses any rage talents, the host shares these talents. While raging, the draugr’s host is never considered to be acting against its nature when attacking its allies.

At 4th level, the draugr gains an insight bonus to Intimidate equal to half his class level.

At 8th level, when the draugr deals damage with an attack action or succeeds on a combat maneuver made as at least a standard action, he may attempt to possess the target of the attack or maneuver as a swift action.

At 14th level, the draugr’s rage improves, gaining the barbarian’s greater rage ability.

This replaces the draugr’s haunt path.

Raging Spirit: The draugr may select rage powers and (champion) feats1 in place of wraith haunts, treating his class level as his barbarian level for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.
1: See Champions of the Spheres

Mighty Rage: At 20th level, the draugr gains the mighty rage ability of the barbarian.

This replaces wraith form mastery.

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