Old Dread Crusader
The Necromancer's Handbook
Dread Crusaders fight for causes from beyond the veil of death. Whether they serve a god of death or a cause championed by their ancestors, the dread crusader fights her battles aided by the power of the grave.

Ghastly Powers (Su): At 1st level, the dread crusader gains the Death sphere with the Necromantic Limit drawback (losing reanimate), and gains Cryptic Strike as the bonus talent for that drawback. If she already possesses the Death sphere or the Cryptic Strike talent, she does not gain the Necromantic Limit drawback. If she already possesses both the Death sphere and the Cryptic Strike talents, she does not gain the drawback and gains one magic talent of her choice.

The dread crusader uses her class level as her caster level when using the Cryptic Strike talent. This stacks with caster levels gained from other sources.

This replaces the magic talent gained at 1st level, as well as resist magic.

Mystic Combat (Su): The dread crusader may choose from any of the following in addition to the normal mystic combat choices available to the mageknight:

Legion’s Fall: When the dread crusader uses the full-attack action, she may give up her regular attacks and instead make one melee attack at her highest base attack bonus against each opponent within reach. She must make a separate attack roll against each opponent. Each opponent struck suffers the effects of her Cryptic Strike. She must pay each associated spell point cost for each successful attack, and may choose a different ghost strike for each target. The dread crusader must possess the wailing cleave mystic combat before selecting this ability.

Loathsome Smite: The dread crusader adds half her level to the damage dealt by her Cryptic Strike talent.

Wailing Cleave: When the dread crusader successfully strikes a foe with a Cryptic Strike, she may spend a spell point as a swift action to make a second attack at her full base attack bonus against a different foe within reach (or within his first range increment for a ranged weapon). If this attack is successful, the second foe is also affected by her Cryptic Strike. She must pay any spell point cost associated with the second attack, but may choose a different ghost strike for each target.

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