Old Egregore

Mental Powers: The egregore gains the Mind sphere as a bonus magical talent, and uses his class level as his caster level. This stacks normally with caster levels from other sources. If the egregore has the Mind sphere already, they may choose another Mind sphere magical talent in its place.

This modifies mental powers.

Psionics: The egregore’s psionics work differently, on a more purely mental level.

At 1st level, the egregore can read the mind of all allies within 60 ft., allowing them to analyze tactical data on their attacks. Whenever an ally within 60 ft. damages an enemy, until the end of the egregore’s next turn, the egregore receives a bonus to damage rolls equal to his class level against that enemy and automatically confirms all critical hits against them. This effect does not work against creatures immune to precision damage. Multiple allies damaging the same enemy do not confer this bonus to the egregore multiple times in a round.

This replaces telekinetic manipulation.

At 6th level, the egregore may connect with the minds of his allies to deliver mental attacks against their common enemies. So long as this effect is active, the egregore may, as an immediate action, use a lesser charm against an enemy that an ally within 60 ft. has made a successful melee attack against. At 16th level, they may use a greater charm. They may not expand the charm used to affect other targets using Group Charm or the like.

This replaces telekinetic edge.

At 11th level, the egregore can mentally link all allies within 60 ft., stabilizing their group mind. Each ally gains a bonus to their Will saves equal to the number of linked allies within range to a maximum of the egregore’s Int modifier.

This replaces psionic fortress.

At 16th level, the egregore can disappear from the battlefield to become pure thought, and reside within the mind of an ally within 30 ft. This is a move action. While inside their ally, they may only use their psionics ability and Mind sphere abilities. They can not be targeted or attacked while inside their ally, but if the ally is rendered unconscious or killed, they are immediately ejected. The ally can likewise eject them at will. While the egregore is within the mind of the ally, the ally gains a +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence, Reflex saves, and Will saves, and may also use the egregore’s magic defense score in place of their own.

This replaces telekinetic colossus.

Splintering Strike (Su): At 3rd level, an egregore who successfully deals damage to any enemy within 30 ft. with a weapon or natural attack to a target may, as an immediate action, create a connection to the target’s mind. The egregore increases the DC of any mind-affecting abilities they use against the target by 1, and they gain a +1 insight bonus to saving throws against the mind-affecting abilities of the target. These bonuses increase by +1 for every 3 levels after the 3rd, to a maximum of +6 at 18th level.

They also receive an insight bonus to Bluff, Intimidate, Perception, Sense Motive, and Stealth checks equal to double this amount against the splintered creature. In addition, the egregore is mentally aware of the splintered creature’s presence, and knows exactly where they are at all times, and what conditions they currently have.

This splinter lasts for 1 hour per class level, or until the egregore ends the splinter as a free action. At 3rd level, the egregore may not have more than 1 splinter active at a time, and must immediately dismiss an existing splinter when they create a new one. At 9th level, they may have 2 splinters active at once. At 15th level, they may have 3 splinters active at once.

At 6th level, the egregore learns to use their connection to deliver Mind sphere abilities from any distance. They may use any lesser charm they possess on a splintered creature that they could normally influence with charm talents, but if the charm fails or the splintered creature passes their saving throw, the splinter ends. At 12th level, they may deliver greater charms they possess this way, and at 18th level, they may deliver powerful charms they possess this way.

This is a mind-affecting ability.

This replaces pushed movement.

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