Old Equipment

This page includes basic equipment and gear, as well as packs and kits that characters can purchase.


Kit, Academy

Price 30 gp; Weight 15 lbs

While not mandatory, most junior students receive in their acceptance letter a list of recommended items, most commonly referred to as the Academy Kit. GM’s are encouraged to include other additional options to the kit, as they deem fit. This kit includes ink, an inkpen, a spell component pouch, scholar’s outfit (3), parchment (50).

For an additional 10 gp, this kit may include any one of the following:

  • Alchemical Focus: iron pot
  • Animal Focus: cat, owl, or toad
  • Arcane Focus: ring, staff, or wand
  • Artifice Focus: artisan’s tools
  • Bardic Focus: common musical instrument (2)
  • Divine Focus: holy symbol (iron)
  • Plant Focus: tiny planter
  • Psionic Focus: dull grey ioun stone
  • Psychic Focus: harrow deck or scrying mirror
  • Scholar Focus: blank formula book, ritual book, or spellbook

Kit, Lycanthrope Hunter’s

Price 80 gp; Weight 4 lbs.

This sturdy leather case straps to the waist or thigh, or can be slung over a shoulder. It consists of a leather pouch, 5 doses of wolfsbane, 5 doses of weapon blanche (silver), 1 dose of deodorizing agent, and an alchemical silver dagger.


Lightning Rod

Price 50 gp; Weight 2 lb.

A lightning rod protects a permanent structure anchored to the ground from lightning. The structure becomes completely immune to electricity damage and any lightning bolts (whether from natural or magical storms, but not directly from spells or sphere abilities such as lightning bolt or destructive blast) that would strike within 25 ft. of the structure have a 50% chance of instead striking the building and thus having no effect. Exceptionally large structures (larger than 60 ft. on any side) may require more than one lightning rod to protect them.

Storm Shelter

Price 50 gp + the cost of excavating and furnishing the shelter; Weight –.

A storm shelter is a below-ground space with special reinforcement and doors that protect the inhabitants of the surrounding building even if the entire structure is destroyed. The entire shelter must be below ground, there cannot be windows, and the door must be flush with the surface, but otherwise the inside may be as simple or elaborate as desired. The shelter and its door never take damage from weather effects.

Special: Above-ground storm shelters can be constructed, but these cost 100 gp per 10-ft. cube and only take half damage from weather effects instead of none. This takes place before applying hardness and stacks with the normal halving of energy damage for being an object.



A Skyrider is an enormous and elaborate hang glider that often sees use in sky-bound societies; while a common hanglider is designed to comfortably fly from high ground to low ground, a skyrider is designed to start in the air, then return to the air when it is finished. A skyrider makes use of some magic to make it lighter, and is covered and has room for carrying some cargo and passengers, but not many.

A skyrider falls one altitude band every round if it is moving at a speed slower than 6, and can only climb at a speed of 8 or higher. As such, skyriders are usually used by those who have access to weather magic, or those who naturally live at high enough altitudes that winds never truly stop; a skyrider requires winds of severity level 3 or higher to be able to climb to higher altitudes.

Large Cloth Air Vehicle (aerodynamic, covered)
Space 1 vehicle space; Cost 740 gp
Size 1.5 Hardpoints; Hull 0.5 Hardpoint

Sails 8 AC (+5 Dodge, -1 Size); 30 hp, Hardness 0
Hull 8 AC (+5 Dodge, -1 Size); 22 hp, Hardness 5

Attack ram (3d8)
CMB +1; CMD 11
Speed 5 (w/ wind: +1 per severity level)
Acceleration 3
Maneuverability Good

Propulsion Silk Sails (1 Hardpoint, 30 hp); Power 2 (w/ wind: +1/2 per severity level)
Mass 1/2 Hardpoint; Weight 0
Controlling Device None
Driving Space Any
Required Crew 1 (pilot)

Equipment Weight 0 tons
Light Load less than 0.5 tons
Medium Load 0.5 to 1.24 tons
Heavy Load 1.25 to 2.5 tons

Cargo Bay (1/2 Hardpoint, uncovered, 5 tons)

Magical Dirigible (1/2 Hardpoint)

Speed Notes
In general, the feet per round speed for a ship is 30 feet x its speed.

  • Miles per hour is 3.5 x speed of the ship
  • Miles per 8 hours is 28 x speed of the ship.
  • Miles per 24 hours is 84 x speed of the ship.
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