Old Ghost Sovereign

Class Skills: The ghost sovereign loses Heal as a class skill and gains Knowledge (Nobility) as a class skill.

Royal Command (Su): Like any soul weaver, a ghost sovereign can influence the souls of any ensouled creature, causing powerful effects to allies and enemies. At 2nd level, a ghost sovereign may give royal commands to any ensouled creature.

  • Proclamation: At 2nd level, the ghost sovereign may choose an ensouled creature within close range and proclaim them a friend or enemy of the court. This is a standard action and requires that the ghost sovereign to expend a use of their Channel Energy ability. Only allies can be friends of the court. Friends of the court receive a +2 circumstance bonus to attacks rolls and AC against all of the ghost sovereign’s enemies, while all of the ghost sovereign’s allies receive the same bonus against enemies of the court. The proclamation lasts a number of rounds equal to half the ghost sovereign’s level plus their Charisma modifier. Allies only benefit from these bonuses while within close range of the ghost sovereign.
  • Conscription: At 6th level, a ghost sovereign may spend a swift action to conscript an ally within close range and have them make an attack on an enemy as if that enemy had provoked an attack of opportunity from them. Either the ally or the target enemy must be under the effects of a proclamation from the ghost sovereign.
  • Mobilization: At 10th level, whenever a ghost sovereign conscripts an ally, the ghost sovereign may also expend a move action to allow the ally to move their speed using any movement mode available to them before an attack. The ally’s movement can draw attacks of opportunity normally.
  • Devastation: At 14th level, when the ghost sovereign proclaims, the bonuses from the proclamation increase from +2 to +5.
  • Militarization: At 18th level, a ghost sovereign may conscript as a standard action in order to have their ally make a full-round attack. The ally may move their speed using any movement mode available to them before the attack if the ghost sovereign expends their own move action as well. This movement draws attacks of opportunity normally. The ghost sovereign can not use this ability and conscription on the same turn.

This replaces blessings and blights.

Summon Twilight Courtier: At 4th level, the ghost sovereign can expend a soul to summon a member of their court to the nearest unoccupied square. The courtier appears as a finely dressed and slightly translucent member of the sovereign’s race, and counts as a summoned creature. It remains for a number of rounds equal to the sovereign’s Charisma modifier.

The ghost sovereign has 3 possible types of courtier they can summon at any given time. Each of these courtier types is designed as if they were creatures summoned using the Conjuration sphere, with the ghost sovereign possessing a caster level equal to their class level. Each is a medium-sized biped creature with the Undead Creature form talent, gained twice. They receive 3 hit points per hit die, are incorporeal, and can fly 30 ft. (perfect). Although undead, they still possess and use their Constitution attribute, and if the ghost sovereign channels positive energy, they are healed by positive energy and vulnerable to negative energy. If the ghost sovereign can channel both positive and negative energy, they they are healed by both positive and negative energy. Twilight courtiers receive knowledge (nobility) as a bonus class skill, and any natural or manufactured weapons they receive from (form) talents gain the ghost-touch weapon property. Although incorporeal, they still have a Strength score and use it to determine damage, and can manipulate unattended objects.

The player may design their three types of courtier, and may change the design whenever they level. For every 4 class levels the ghost sovereign possesses, they may add an additional form talent to their courtier. They may choose any of the following form talents: Armored Companion, Battle Creature, Capable Companion, Fortified Companion, Magical Companion, Mystical Companion, Powerful Companion, Quick Companion, Roguish Creature, Sage Companion, Shield Bearer, Skillful Companion, Spell-warded Companion, Staff-wielding Companion, Trap-Breaking Companion or Willful Companion. When choosing feats for their courtier, they may not choose feats with a limited number of daily uses, such as Stunning Fist.

This modifies bound nexus and replaces summon spirit I, II, III, IV and V.

Merciful Soul: At 8th level, the ghost sovereign may expend a soul to rally themselves or any ally they can see with no totem or mandate needed. They may use any (rally) talent, even ones they do not possess. They must pay the any spell costs normally associated with the rally.

This modifies bound nexus and replaces blessed soul.

Eternal Rule (Su): At 20th level, the ghost sovereign inherits their kingdom in the spirit world. They may cross the barrier between life and death as an act of will. Whenever the ghost sovereign dies, they spontaneously come back from the dead 24 hours later (if not resurrected by some other means sooner). The process leaves them with 1 permanent negative level, but they are are otherwise completely healed and rested. They may appear in any location they choose that they have visited. They do not have their original equipment with them.

They may also choose to disappear from the living world as a standard action, teleporting themselves to their kingdom. By crossing into the afterlife willingly, they get to retain their equipment, and gain no negative energy level for coming back. They still must wait 24 hours before they can return.

This replaces gravewalker.

The Twilight Kingdom: Each ghost sovereign has a twilight kingdom which they will eventually become the ruler of (either by dying or by reaching 20th level). The kingdom is an area covering several square miles and has a physical appearance similar to wherever the ghost sovereign grew up. The population is approximately 2000 spirits, mostly of the same species as the ghost sovereign.

Where the kingdom exists varies. It might be a demiplane within the astral plane, or somewhere on an outer plane, or it might even exist within the mind of the sovereign herself (making her physical presence in the kingdom paradoxical, but somehow still possible). Treat the twilight kingdom as if the ghost sovereign had created it using the Create Demiplane talent. Within the kingdom, the sovereign’s power is god-like: they can transform their own shape into whatever form they wish and alter the planar traits of kingdom itself at will.

Physical matter can not exist within the kingdom, save for the personal possessions of the ghost sovereign when she chooses to visit. Likewise, living beings other than the ghost sovereign can not enter the kingdom. Animated creatures can not enter the kingdom, nor can undead.

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