Old Ghost Stepper

The Ghost Stepper is an archetype for the Ninja, Rogue, Unchained Rogue, and Slayer classes.

Walls are small hindrance to those that can step between realms.

Wraith Form (Su): At 1st level, the ghost stepper gains the wraith form ability as a wraith of her level. Additionally, the ghost stepper uses d4 for sneak attack dice. While in wraith form, the ghost stepper can deliver her sneak attack damage as an incorporeal touch attack made in place of a normal attack, dealing cold or negative energy damage (chosen when this ability is gained). If negative energy is chosen, creatures healed by negative energy are not affected by this attack.

For ninjas and (unchained) rogues, this modifies sneak attack and replaces the (unchained) rogue talents or ninja tricks gained at 2nd, 8th, and 14th levels.

For slayers, this modifies sneak attack and replaces track and the slayer talents gained at 2nd, 8th, and 14th levels.

Ghostly Talent: The ghost stepper may take wraith haunts in place of rogue talents, slayer talents, or ninja tricks. The ghost stepper treats her class level as wraith levels for using and qualifying for wraith haunts. These levels stack with those gained from other sources. The ghost stepper may choose either her Intelligence or Charisma as her casting ability modifier for determining the effects of her wraith haunts. This choice is permanent once made unless another effect would change her CAM (such as multiclassing with a casting class).

Ghost Stepper Haunt: The following ninja trick/rogue talent/ slayer talent is available exclusively to the ghost stepper:

Spell Pool: The ghost stepper gains a pool of spell points equal to her casting ability modifier (as selected for the ghostly talent ability). If she already possesses a spell point pool or gains it later, this ability is automatically exchanged for the Extra Spell Points feat.

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