Old Kinetic Scourge

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A kinetic scourge is proficient with simple and martial weapons and light armor, but not shields.

This modifies the mageknight’s weapon and armor proficiencies.

Tethered: At 1st level, the kinetic scourge gains the Destruction sphere and the Energy Tether talent, as well as the Shape Focus drawback. This drawback does not grant an additional talent and may be bought off as normal. If he already possesses the Destruction sphere, then the Energy Tether shape is gained with no drawback. If both are possessed, any destruction talent may be chosen. The kinetic scourge may concentrate on destructive blasts with the Energy Tether blast shape as a move action. The kinetic scourge may also use his energy tether to retrieve small unattended items within range as a swift action. Additional spell point costs of certain blast types are not incurred when retrieving items.

This replaces the talent gained at first level.

Mobile Combatant: At first level, the kinetic scourge gains Tether Adept as a bonus feat.

Tethered Maneuvers (Ex): At 2nd level, the kinetic scourge may perform the dirty trick, disarm, steal, and trip combat maneuvers using his Energy Tether, and may perform a drag or reposition on the target without having to move himself. This replaces the mystic combat gained at 2nd level, but counts as having the mystic combat class feature.

Kinetic Scourge Mystic Combats: The following mystic combats are available exclusively to the kinetic scourge:

  • Hostile Anchor: When using the Tether Adept feat, you may use a flying enemy as an anchor point.
  • Bounding Tether: As a full-round action, you may anchor your tether and move as per the Tether Adept feat, making a single attack against a target within movement range.
    • Special: If the kinetic scourge possesses the Energy Blade talent, he may use it in place of this single attack.
  • Tethered Assault (Requires: Bounding Tether, Kinetic Scourge level 6): As a full-round action, you may anchor your tether and take a full-attack action while moving per the Tether Adept feat. If you do, you can move up to the normal distance allowed by Tether Adept, dividing the movement into increments you use before your first attack, between each attack, and after your last attack. You must move at least 5 feet each time you move.
  • Dual-Tether: You may maintain two Energy Tethers simultaneously, concentrating on them in one action.
  • Quick concentration: You may concentrate on your Energy Tether (or tethers) as a swift action.
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