Old Knight-Summoner

A paladin riding a celestial horse. A drow assassin stalking over a cavern ceiling atop a giant spider. A steel-clad dwarf charging the enemy lines on a huge warthog made of stone. A gnome tinkerer flying between buildings on a mechanical eagle. These are all iconic knight-summoners. Forsaking some of their traditional arcane powers to gain the service of an extraplanar mount, these warriors are a terror to any enemy on foot (and sometimes in the air). Sharing a bond far beyond that of traditional conjuring, these warriors even gain the power to alter their mounts on the go, whether that means giving it wings, letting it pass through stone or even breathe fire.

Summon Mount: At 1st level, a knight-summoner gains the Conjuration sphere as a bonus magic talent. If the Conjuration sphere is already possessed, she instead gains Extra Companion unless she has a companion with the Mount (form) talent, in which case she gains any Conjuration sphere talent as a bonus talent. The companion gained must be suitable to serve as a mount and must take Mount as its free (form) talent. This companion is her bonded mount. The knight-summoner treats her class level as her caster level for her bonded mount. These caster levels stack normally with those gained from other sources.

This ability replaces the magic talent gained at 1st level and resist magic.

Adaptation: At 2nd level, a knight-summoner gains a bonus (form) talent from the Conjuration sphere to be applied to her bonded mount. As a standard action, the knight-summoner may spend a spell point to exchange this talent for another (form) talent, which immediately applies to her bonded mount. This change is instantaneous.

This replaces the mystic combat gained at 2nd level but counts as possessing the mystic combat class feature.

Mystic Bond: At 7th level, the knight-summoner gains the ability to share the effects of any mystic combat ability she is using with her bonded mount, provided she is mounted upon it at the time.

This replaces marked.

Rapid Adaptation: At 11th level, a knight-summoner may use her adaptation ability as a move action. If she spends an additional spell point, she may instead use it as a free action.

This replaces mystic defense.

Mystic Combat

The following mystic combats are available exclusively to the Knight-Summoner:

Extra Adaptation: Your bonded mount gains an additional (form) talent that can be changed with adaptation. This mystic combat can be gained more than once, each time it grants an additional (form) talent. All such (form) talents must be altered individually.

Quick Summons: Once per day, you may summon your bonded mount as an immediate action. You may use this ability an additional time per day at 6th level and every 6 levels thereafter (12th, 18th). You may apply the effects of your adaptation ability without cost as part of this ability.

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