Old Living Weapon
The Abjurer's Handbook
When you take away the weapons, the armor, and the support of a legion of fellow soldiers, you are left with nothing but a single person, and more often than not, that person is nothing. But for the living weapon, his greatest assets are his strength of will, his powerful mind, and his tactical prowess; especially with magic. While other armorists can often make this claim, the living weapon doesn’t even summon armor, preferring to use magic directly to protect himself. All he needs is a weapon, everything else just gets in the way. This gives a flexibility and subtlety others lack - which adds another weapon to their arsenal.

Saving Throws: The living weapon has good Fortitude and Reflex saving throws.

This modifies saving throws.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: The living weapon is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and with no armor or shields.

This modifies proficiencies.

Defensive Magic: The living weapon gains Protection as a bonus sphere with the Limited Protection (can not use wards) drawback. He may buy off this drawback normally, and he does not gain this drawback if he has the Protection sphere from another source.

He also gains Armored Magic as a bonus talent. If he already has the Armored Magic talent, then he can gain a bonus talent from the Protection sphere of his choice instead.

Whenever the living weapon uses an aegis ability, he uses his class level as his caster level. This stacks with other caster level sources normally.

Summon Aegis: The living weapon can not summon or bind either armor or shields. Instead, when he creates an armored magic aegis that grants an armor or shield bonus, he may treat these as summoned equipment and may give them enhancement bonuses and give them properties. He may only have one armor enchanted aegis and one shield enchanted aegis active on a creature at a time, but may spend a move action to change what enchantments have been applied to either. Summoning an aegis is still a form of spherecasting, but the living weapon may use the armored magic ability as a move action.

This modifies summon equipment.

Bound Aegis: At 1st level, the living weapon may choose his armored aegis as a piece of bound equipment. An armored aegis that grants an armor bonus must be bound separately from an armored aegis that grants a shield bonus, and only the living weapon may benefit from a bound aegis. A bound aegis still requires a spell point to summon, but has an unlimited duration and can be summoned again (spending another spell point to do so) if dispelled or destroyed. Summoning a bound aegis is still a form of spherecasting.

This modifies bound equipment.

Weapon Training (Ex): At 5th level, the living weapon gains the weapon training class feature as a fighter of equal level. Any levels he has in the fighter class stack with his living weapon levels for the purpose of this feature.

This replaces the armor training.

Arsenal Tricks: The living weapon may not gain the Heavy Armor or Tower Shield arsenal tricks. They may choose from the following arsenal tricks in addition to the normal arsenal tricks available to an armorist:

Active Defense: Whenever the living weapon uses a (succor) talent that sacrifices an aegis he bears, he may instead spend a spell point in place of sacrificing the aegis.

Always Armed: The living weapon does not provoke attacks of opportunity when he attacks foes while unarmed, and may do lethal damage with his unarmed attack if he wants to. The base damage of his unarmed attack increases to d4, d6 or d8, depending on whether he is small, medium or large, respectively. He may use his summon equipment ability to enchant his own fists as a weapon. He may also bind his fists with his bound weapon ability multiple times, but only one can be in effect at a time. Both fists are considered a single weapon for the purpose of summoning and binding properties, and he may bind his fists once without using one of his bound equipment slots.

Evasion: If the living weapon makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, he instead takes no damage. He does not benefit from this ability while wearing armor, carrying a shield or while he is helpless.

Fighter Weapon Training (Requires Living Weapon 10th Level): The living weapon gains an advanced weapon training ability as a fighter of equal level. He can use his class levels in place of fighter levels, and if he has both, they stack.

Insightful Strike (Requires Living Weapon 6th level): When the living weapon hits with a weapon with which he has weapon training, he may spend a spell point as a free action to do additional damage equal to his class level + his casting ability modifier. This is precision damage, and can not be used against creatures immune to critical hits.

Living Flurry: The living weapon gains the flurry of blows class feature as an unchained monk, and gains an extra attack when he performs a full-round attack. The flurry only works with unarmed strikes and weapons that have the monk special weapon quality. This does not stack with extra attacks from the monk’s flurry of blows class feature, but does stack with the extra attack from the haste effect of the Time sphere.

Living Flurry, Improved (Requires Living Weapon 12th Level): When the living weapon uses their flurry as a full-round attack, he gains a second extra attack at his full base attack bonus.

Protected Identity: The living weapon can alter an aegis he created that he bears to create minor illusions to camouflage himself. He gain a competence bonus equal to his level on Stealth checks and to his Disguise checks to conceal his identity (but not to disguise himself as someone else). The living weapon may make attempts to conceal his identity without needing to apply a disguise, and may make a disguise check when he uses this ability. This is considered a type of illusion, and does not stack with any of the bonuses to Stealth or Disguise granted by any form of illusion.

Spheric Aegis: The living weapon may cause an aegis he is wearing to become spherical as a free action. This has no effect on his defenses or movement, but any other creature that would receive cover because of the living weapon’s position benefits from the aegis as they were bearing it. In addition, the living weapon provides cover as if they were a transparent structure granting a bonus to reflex saves (but not to Stealth) if they are currently bearing an armored aegis. He may end the effects as a free action.

Tactical Protection: Once per day, the living weapon may use a free action to spontaneously gain an (aegis) talent from the Protection sphere. He retains this talent until the next time he rests and regains spell points.

Weapons of Choice: The living weapon may choose one weapon property, one armor property, and one shield property that he can create. These properties are considered one +1 modifier lower for them, to a minimum of +1.

This modifies arsenal tricks.

Quick Summons: At 15th level, the living weapon may use aegis abilities as a swift action. He may also summon equipment as a swift action. This improves to a free action for both at 20th level.

This modifies quick summons.

Infinite Arsenal: At 20th level, the living weapon’s armored magic aegis AC bonus increases by +2 for both armor and shields, and applies to touch AC.

This modifies infinite arsenal.

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