Old Magus Arcana

Magi may choose the following arcana:


You may spend a point from your arcane pool as a swift action to form a powerful bond with your weapon. Any vibration across its length is amplified, allowing you to sense the world through the weapon. You may hear through your weapon (even if you are deaf) with an acuteness that tells you the position of enemies and objects around you.

While holding the weapon, you gain the uncanny dodge class feature as a rogue of equal level, and at 9th level you gain improved uncanny dodge. At 15th level, you gain tremorsense with a range of 30 ft.

Your blade sense lasts 1 minute per class level, but ends immediately if you let go of your weapon or are disarmed.

Counterspell Strike (requires Spellstrike, Counterspell)

Source: The Abjurer's Handbook

When you use Counterspell with your spellstrike abilities, you may add the enhancement bonus of your weapon to your Magical Skill Bonus.

Whenever you successfully counter a spell or sphere ability that can be delivered as a touch attack, you may charge your weapon with that spell, and deliver it to a different creature using your spellstrike before the end of your next turn.

Destructive Spellstrike (requires Destruction sphere)

Whenever you use a destructive blast with a spellstrike, you may change the damage type of the blast to match whatever damage type your weapon does. This can be bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing, or if you are wielding a weapon with magic properties, whatever damage type the weapon is capable of doing.

Enhanced Spellstrike

When you use your spellstrike ability with a weapon you have enhanced with your arcane pool, you may apply the full enhancement bonus you imbued the weapon with (including the bonus you used to acquire properties) as a caster level enhancement bonus to any sphere ability delivered with the spellstrike.

Irresistible Strike

When you use a sphere ability with a spell strike, any DC to resist with a saving throw increases by +2.

Marauding Arcanist

You may use spell combat and spellstrike with thrown weapons, up to a range of 30 feet. You may use spellstrike to deliver sphere abilities that normally require a melee touch attack this way. You may add the distance, driving, nimble shot, and returning properties to the list of properties you can add to weapons using your arcane pool.

Metamagic Combat

Once per day while using spell combat, apply any metamagic feat (even one you don’t possess) to a sphere ability. This does not increase casting time or cost spell points.

Mystic Arcana (requires Magus level 9)

Choose a mageknight mystic combat ability. You gain that ability and may use it as a mageknight with a level equal to your magus level. This stacks with any mageknight levels you possess. You may use the mystic combat with your spell combat and spellstrike abilities.

Mystic Mark (requires Magus level 9)

You gain the mageknight marked ability and may use it as a mageknight with a level equal to you magus level. This stacks with any mageknight levels you possess.

Mystic Secret (requires Magus level 12)

You gain an extra magic talent you qualify for. Whenever you rest and regain spell points, you may change which talent you have chosen.

Personal Magic (requires Enhancement sphere or Protection sphere)

Source: The Abjurer's Handbook

You may use your class level as your caster level for any aegis you create that you bear, and if you use a (succor) talent to sacrifice an aegis you created that you bear, you may use your class level as your caster level. This stacks with caster levels from other sources normally. You may use your class level as your caster level for any enhancement you cast on yourself or equipment you have enchanted with your arcane pool. This stacks with caster levels from other sources normally.

Preternatural Grace

When wielding a light or one-handed weapon with the finesse special feature and not wielding a shield or wearing armor heavier than light armor, the magus can add his Dexterity modifier instead of his Strength modifier to that weapon’s damage.

Quarterstaff Arcana (requires Spell Combat, Sphere Casting)

Source: The Abjurer's Handbook

You may use a quarterstaff with your spell combat as if it were a one-handed weapon - though you still must grip the weapon with both hands. When you use spell combat, you may only attack with one end of your staff.

While wielding a quarterstaff, you gain a shield bonus to your Armor Class equal to the enhancement bonus or caster level enhancement bonus of the quarterstaff (including any enhancement bonus on that staff from the arcane pool class feature), whichever is higher.

Spell Critical (requires Magus level 18)

Whenever you confirm a critical hit against an enemy with your spellstrike, the sphere ability is not expended, and may be used with another attack, as if you had missed with the first attack.

Surge of Strength

Whenever you use a spell combat with a sphere ability that targets yourself or your equipment, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to attack and damage rolls until the end of your current turn.

Transdimensional War Dance (requires Warp sphere)

You may use your teleport on yourself as a swift action. The range is decreased to 5 ft. per 2 class levels (minimum 5 ft.).

Undeniable Strike (requires Magus level 12)

When you use a sphere ability with spell strike, you gain a +4 bonus to your spell penetration check.

Windwalking (requires Magus level 6)

The magus may spend a point from his arcane pool as a swift action to grant himself a fly speed of 30 ft. with average maneuverability for 1 minute per class level he possesses.

For every 3 class levels the magus possesses beyond 6th, the flight speed increases by 10 ft. and the maneuverability increases by 1 step (to a maximum of perfect). If the magus is at least 10th level, this effect lasts for 1 hour per class level instead of 1 minute.

This is a supernatural ability.

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