Old Marshal Controller
The Abjurer's Handbook
The essence of defense is establishing boundaries and enforcing them with brute force. The marshal controller chooses a section of the battlefield and then decides the laws, brutally dispatching any enemy that dares break his rules.

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies: Marshal controllers are proficient with simple weapons, as well as light armor and bucklers. In addition, if this is his character’s first level in any class, he may select a martial tradition of his choice.

This modifies proficiencies.

Blended Training (Ex): Whenever a marshal controller would gain a magic talent from his class levels (not including the 2 bonus talents gained when first gaining the casting class feature), he may instead choose to gain a combat talent. A marshal controller uses his casting ability modifier as his practitioner modifier.

This modifies magic talents. This archetype may be combined with other archetypes that replace magic talents; you cannot gain a combat talent in place of a magic talent the other archetype loses.

Ward Caster: The marshal controller gains Protection as a bonus sphere with the Limited Protection (can not use aegis) drawback. He does not gain an extra talent for having this drawback, and he does not gain this drawback if he possesses the Protection sphere from a different source.

The marshal controller uses his class level as his caster level when creating a ward. This stacks with other caster level sources normally.

This replaces the magic talent gained at 1st level.

Mighty Controller: The marshal controller gains the Guardian sphere. He must choose the patrol ability as his Guardian package. If he already possesses the Guardian sphere with a different package, he gains the Expanded Package talent. If he already possesses the Guardian package with the patrol package, he may choose another talent from the Guardian sphere.

He gains an additional talent from the Guardian sphere at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels.

This replaces resist magic.

Martial Law: For the marshal controller, the wards he creates are more than magical effects, they are rules to be obeyed. When an enemy violates the ward, they draw an attack of opportunity from the marshal controller. If his patrol ability is active, he may respond to this attack of opportunity as he would if it occurred in his threatened area.

  • A ward can be violated in a number of ways, depending on what it wards against.
  • If a ward prevents entry, then a creature that should be prevented entry violates it when they successfully enter it under their own power. This includes the barrier, exclusion, logic and repel wards.
  • If a ward requires a creature to succeed at a Will save or magic skill check in order to perform an action, and they attempt that action, then it is violated. This includes the clarity, impedance, peacebound, quantum lock, and spell wards.
  • If a ward makes a certain type of attack less effective by either giving it a penalty, giving creatures damage resistance against it, or making creatures immune to it, then the ward is violated whenever a successful attack of that type is made, or when a creature is forced to make a saving throw against it (or would be forced if they were not immune). This includes the energy resistance, impartiality, magnetic shield, or missile shield ward.

Any attempt to destroy or dispel a ward also violates the ward. A creature that is immune to a ward can not violate it.

Mystic Combats: The following mystic combats are available to marshal controllers:

Long Arm: Whenever an enemy provokes an attack of opportunity from you, you may spend an immediate action to move your speed, provided your movement ends with the enemy that provoked the attack of opportunity in a square where you threaten that enemy. This does not use any of your movement if you are using a patrol. You may then make an attack of opportunity without expending a use of your attacks of opportunity.

Mass Marking: You may have multiple creatures marked simultaneously.

Mystic Guardianship: Whenever you use a Guardian sphere ability that requires that you spend your martial focus, you may spend a spell point instead. You may use your patrol ability when you do not have martial focus.

Mystic Reflexes: You may make a number of additional attacks of opportunity per round equal to your casting ability modifier. The attacks of opportunity from this mystic combat stacks with those granted by Combat Reflexes or similar feats.

Never Defeated: As a swift action, you may spend a spell point to reduce the amount of damage in your delayed damage pool to 0.

Quick Ward: When you use your patrol ability, you may spend a spell point to create a ward as part of the same action. The ward must be one you can normally create with a standard action.

Response Time: Whenever you use your patrol ability, you gain a +30 ft. enhancement bonus to your base speed until the end of your next turn. This additional movement may be used with your patrol ability.

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