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Mythic Spheres of Power
Welcome to Mythic Spheres of Power! This product's been a long time coming, but we're pleased to finally offer a spheres-focused expansion for the rules found in Mythic Adventures that so many people have been asking about. Unlike some other material on this wiki, such as Deific Talents, the Mythic Spheres of Power rules are official content published by Drop Dead Studios.

You might have noticed that this page looks different than most sections - that's because we're adding a new tab-based navigation system that will allow you jump directly to relevant content without having to scroll down an overly-large table of contents. Before you start checking out the mythic content, however, there are a few things to know. These are important for using these rules, so please read all of the following first.

First, this material generally represents content as it appears in Ultimate Spheres of Power, the updated and improved version of the original Spheres of Power rules. They're still very broadly compatible with the original versions of classes, but if you're sticking with the old content, you may need to tweak them a little.

Second, the last tab - Mythic Spheres of Power Solutions - contains rule adjustments that should be considered standard for Mythic Spheres games. While you are free to dismiss the alternative rules proposed, you should know that all of this content was balanced around the Highly Recommended rules (marked as [HR] on that page) and there could be strange results if you disregard too many of those. (Not all of these rules are bad for the players, either. Notably, the official suggestion gives mythic spherecasters significantly more mythic feats than the base mythic rules provide.)

Finally, let's go over how all of the content is split up.

Mythic Traditions are basically Casting Traditions, but for how characters achieved their mythic abilities. These consist of drawbacks, qualities, and boons, and they can be used to heavily customize the unique mythic capabilities of each character. The GM has the final say on all of these - and should probably make them - but they serve as a foundation for Mythic Spheres that supports the creativity and flexibility this system promotes.

The Spheremaster is the new mythic path that focuses on spherecasters. While this has a chassis of path abilities and options, it's supported by Mythic Sphere Talents (including mastery options for each sphere) and many Mythic Class Abilities (which improve characters' class abilities). In regular Mythic games, characters usually focus on their mythic path abilities, but Mythic Spheres promotes mythic sphere masteries and mythic class abilities above just the path options.

The Mythic Feats section only has a few options - there was a limit to how may could be published in Mythic Spheres of Power - but this section is planned for expansion in an upcoming product. At that time, it may be moved to a new page (or, realistically, new pages) due to length.

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