Old Pack Master
Spheres of Power: Expanded Options
Animal Companion (Ex): A pack master gains an animal companion, as the druid class feature, using his shifter level as his effective druid level. The pack master may have more than one animal companion, but he must divide up his effective druid level between his companions to determine the abilities of each companion.

For example, a pack master with an effective druid level of 4 can have one 4th-level companion, two 2nd-level companions, or one 1st-level and one 3rd-level companion.

Each time a pack master’s effective druid level increases, he must decide how to allocate the increase among his animal companions (including the option of adding a new 1st-level companion). Once an effective druid level is allocated to a particular companion, it cannot be redistributed while that companion is in the shifter’s service (he must release a companion or wait until a companion dies to allocate its levels to another companion). The share spells animal companion ability does not give the shifter the ability to grant a single magical effect to all of his animal companions.

This replaces quick transformation and lingering transformation.

Improved Empathic Link (Su): At 6th level, the pack master gains an empathic link with all of his animal companions. This functions like an empathic link with a familiar, except the pack master can also see through a companion’s eyes as a swift action, maintaining this connection as long as he likes (as long as the companion is within 1 mile) and ending it as a free action. The pack master can only see through the eyes of one companion at a time, and is blinded while maintaining this connection.

This replaces the bestial trait gained at 6th level.

Pack Lord (Ex): At 20th level, each of the pack master’s animal companions gains a +4 bonus to their effective druid level, to a maximum equal to the pack master’s effective druid level.

This replaces second skin.

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