Old Rogue Talents

A Pact Made in Shadows (Su) (Requires Rogue 10)

Choose a mandate (from the War sphere). You may create this mandate with an adjacent ally as a standard action. For purposes of the mandate, your caster level is equal to your rogue level and Charisma is your casting ability. The mandate lasts one round per rogue level, or until you create another mandate with this ability.

Adrenal Reaction (Ex)

When you regain hit points, you may make an attack as an immediate action. You may not use this ability again until at least 1 minute has passed.

Arcane Infiltration (Requires Alteration or Illusion sphere)

The action required to maintain your glamers and shapeshifts via concentration is reduced by one step.

Arrow Charmer [Fey HB]

A rogue with this talent can replace her Strength modifier with her Charisma modifier for determining the damage of her ranged weapon attacks, such as with a composite bow or a thrown weapon.

Attention to Detail (Su)

Gain the Practiced Seer feat as a bonus feat. A rogue must be able to use sphere talents and abilities to select this talent.

Chance Feat

A rogue may gain any chance feat that she qualifies for in place of a rogue talent.

Create Tools (Sp)

An unchained rogue with this talent gains the ability to conjure by magic any mundane tool they need for the task at hand. A number of times per day equal to 3 + the unchained rogue’s Intelligence modifier, she may create the precise non-magical tool she needs weighing up to 2 lbs. per unchained rogue level. This tool can be as simple as a steel rod to as complex as a disguise kit with a single use. This tool persists for 10 minutes per unchained rogue level as long as it remains in the rogue’s possession or was placed firmly in a location by the unchained rogue. The tool vanishes in 1d3 rounds if touched by anyone other than the rogue. Though this tool can be used to forge documentation (allowing you to make a Linguistics check to create falsified documents as a standard action) its short duration outside of the unchained rogue’s hands make this a risky endeavor. Create Tools can never be used to forge coins, gems, or trade goods for a bribe or transaction, as they vanish too quickly for a deal to be completed.

Cunning (Ex)

You are good at getting yourself out of scrapes by being wilier and craftier than your enemies. Choose a saving throw. You receive a bonus to this saving throw equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1). You lose this bonus whenever you are denied your dexterity bonus to AC or you wear armor heavier than light armor. You may choose this talent multiple times. Each time, choose a different saving throw. Source: The Abjurer's Handbook

Dim Mak

You may use any melee weapon to deal nonlethal damage without penalty if your target is denied their Dexterity bonus to AC. When using this ability the weapon is treated as if it also had the shadow wake weapon enhancement.

Duplicitous (Ex)

Whenever a spell, spell-like ability, sphere ability, or supernatural ability is used that benefits multiple allies of a caster, the rogue is considered an ally and benefits as well. The rogue must be within range of the caster’s ability for this to work. This ability does not prevent them from also being considered an enemy by the same ability, and does not cause any additional costs the be paid by the caster.

Enlightened Self Interest (Su)

Choose a (rally) talent (from the War sphere) that does not cost more than 1 spell point to use. You may rally yourself with this talent as an immediate action without the need of a totem. This is a supernatural ability, and does not require spell points. For purposes of the rally, your caster level is equal to your rogue level and Charisma is your casting ability. You may use this rally twice per day.

You may choose this talent multiple times: each time you do, choose a different rally.

Expanded Spherecasting

Gain the Extra Magical Talent feat as a bonus feat. You may take this talent multiple times. A rogue must be able to use sphere talents and abilities to select this talent.

Flaying Slice (Ex)

When you do precision damage to a creature, you may open a wound that allows you and your allies to more easily penetrate their flesh. When you successfully sneak attack a creature, you may spend up to half your sneak attack dice to reduce the creature’s natural armor class by 1 for each die spent, to a minimum of 0. You may do this multiple times with multiple strikes. The loss of natural armor lasts until the creature heals at least 5 hit points per point of natural armor lost.

Focused Infiltration (Requires Arcane Infiltration)

When maintaining a glamer via concentration, you may treat your rogue level as High-Caster levels for the purposes of determining the duration.

Hedgewitch Secret

A rogue with this talent may gain a hedgewitch non-tradition secret, having an effective hedgewitch level equal to its rogue level. You may select this rogue talent multiple times, each time selecting a different hedgewitch secret. A rogue must be able to use sphere talents and abilities to select this talent.

Hidden Space (Sp)

You can use Extradimensional Storage as a spell-like ability. You use your rogue level in place of caster level, and for casting class levels when determining MSB and MSD. You do not gain a spell pool, but may spend spell points on this ability if you gain them from another source.

You may take this talent twice, which upgrades your spell-like ability to have the effect of two purchases of Extradimensional Storage.

Know How to Bleed (Ex)

By exaggerating injuries, you can gain the upper hand in combat. Whenever you are hit for more than 20 hit points of damage in a single round, you can, until the end of your next turn, feint as a swift action.

Now You See It (Sp) (requires Hidden Space)

You can access your Extradimensional Storage in a quicker, more subtle manner. You may stow or withdraw a single item as a move action (or as a swift action if you have taken Hidden Space twice). In addition, you may make a Sleight of Hand check to conceal your action, opposed by a Perception check from observers. On success, observers do not notice the action and remain unaware of the item’s absence or presence for at least 1 round. Further, an observer’s opposed Perception check must succeed by 5 or more for them notice the involvement of extradimensional space; otherwise they notice the action but remain uncertain of how it was accomplished.

At rogue level 10, you may use this talent as a swift action rather than a move action (or as a free action once per round if you have taken Hidden Space twice).

Plausible Deniability (Su) (Advanced Talent)

As a standard action, you may give yourself any basic (aegis) talent from the Protection sphere or the Deflection aegis that requires no more than 1 spell point to create. This aegis uses your class level as your caster level and your Charisma as your casting ability, and does not require spell points to be created. You must use a move action each round to maintain the aegis. This is not considered a form of concentration and concentration checks are never required. Making any attack ends your aegis immediately. Source: The Abjurer's Handbook

Prescient Dodger (Ex)

The rogue has developed a sort of sixth sense where it can divine where blows will hit. The source of this foresight may be calculative, inborn luck or insightful. When unarmored and unencumbered and not using a shield, the rogue adds their highest mental ability modifier (Int, Wis, or Cha) to their AC and CMD. These bonuses apply even against touch attacks or when the rogue is caught flat-footed and increases by +1 for every 4 rogue levels. The rogue loses this bonus when they are immobilized or helpless, when they wear any armor or use a shield, or when they carry a medium or heavy load. This does not stack with the monk’s AC bonus or similar class features.

Author's Note: Feats or abilites such as Protective Tail or Shield Gauntlet that let you treat X or Y as a shield for the purpose of feats, talents, or abilities, are also treated as shields for the purpose of determining whether or not you benefit from the AC bonus granted by Prescient Dodger.

Reaching Fingers (Su)

You can reach further than you ought to, bending space just enough to grab an enticing purse from a hidden corner or snatch cell keys from an unsuspecting guard. You add 5 ft. to your reach, but only for the purposes of Sleight of Hand checks, Steal maneuvers, or manipulating objects (such as picking up unattended objects, throwing switches, or dropping objects). You do not threaten this area, and cannot make attacks with your additional reach. Increase this reach by 5 ft. for every 5 rogue levels you possess.

Roguish Know-How (Ex)

A rogue with this talent has honed her memory. When making a Knowledge check, she may add her Intelligence bonus a second time. Thus, a rogue with 5 ranks in Knowledge (local) and a +2 Intelligence bonus has a total skill bonus of +9 (+5 + 2 + 2) when using this ability. The rogue can also use this ability when making an Intelligence check to remember something.

Shadow Shaper

Gain a surreal feat.

Shadow Tools

Gain the Shadowstuff Armament feat. In place of making a weapon, shield or armor you may also make small functional tools from shadowstuff to negate the penalty to Craft or Disable Device checks for using improvised tools. When using tools granted by this feat gain a +1 circumstance bonus to the related skill check for every 5 rogue levels you possess.

Shifting Loyalty (Advanced Talent)

Your morals have always been malleable when required. Magical abilities whose effects vary with alignment always treat you as the alignment of your choice. This choice can change from effect to effect, and does not need to be consistent. This can make you immune to a magical ability. Source: The Abjurer's Handbook

Slip Through (Su)

You learn to fit through gaps that shouldn’t hold you. You treat yourself as half your size (or one size smaller) for the purpose of squeezing, fitting through narrow spaces with Escape Artist, and similar rules. At the GM’s discretion, you can also accomplish feats such as fitting your arm under a door or sticking a finger through a keyhole.

At rogue level 10, you treat yourself a quarter of your size (or two sizes smaller) instead of half.

Slowing Strike (Su)

Whenever you deal sneak attack damage to a creature you may, as an immediate action, cause the target to become slowed for 1 round as though they had failed a saving throw against the slow Time sphere alter time effect with a caster level equal to your class level in the class that granted you this talent (this stacks with caster levels gained from other sources normally when determining your total caster level for this effect). You may spend a spell point when using this ability to allow it to last for a number of rounds equal to your effective caster level.

Smokescreen (Sp) (requires Hidden Space)

You can deploy items to cover your escape. As part of a move action you can call any number of objects from your Extradimensional Storage and drop them. You may use this ability to drop loose items like bottles, gravel or sand to turn squares you pass through into difficult terrain (generally requiring 2 lbs. of suitable items per 5-ft. square), block a doorway with something large, or spill liquids such as oil, holy water, or alchemical substances onto the ground. You can also use this ability as a distraction by dropping something that draws attention: by scattering loose papers, shattering glass on hard ground, or throwing out a sack of dead spiders, you may make a Bluff check to create a diversion to hide as part of your move action. This latter use generally requires 1 lb. of suitable items.

Stolen Blood (Su)

Whenever you do precision damage to a creature, until the end of your next turn any hit points that creature regains are gained by you instead. The creature may make a Will save with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 your rogue level + your Dex bonus to negate this effect.

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