Old Shadow Familiar

Class Skills: Sleight of Hand and Stealth become class skills for a shadow familiar.

Adumbral: A shadow familiar has hit points equal to 1/4 the master’s total hit points. If a shadow familiar dies, it vanishes, re-emerging from its master’s shadow with 1 hit point the next time its master rests and refreshes her pool of spell points or prepares spells. The shadow familiar similarly vanishes if it is ever caught in normal light or brighter more than 100 ft. from its master.

A shadow familiar does not need to eat, breathe, or sleep. This ability replaces deliver touch spells and improved evasion.

Shadow Rider: At 7th level, a shadow familiar can make a single Stealth check to covertly merge with another creature’s shadow. When merged, it is completely undetectable by non-magical means, and may safely travel through bright conditions beyond 100 ft. from its master so long as its target casts a shadow to hide in. A shadow familiar can merge with a willing target’s shadow without need of a Stealth check.

The master always knows the location of her shadow familiar, as if using the Dowsing Divination talent without a range limitation.

At 13th level, once per day the master may use Shared Perception, as the Divination sphere talent, between herself and her shadow familiar over any distance. This effect is not blocked by the master’s use of the Obfuscation talent.

This replaces speak with animals of its own kind and scry on familiar.

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