Old Sidhe Invoker
The Fey Binder's Handbook
Able to temporarily draw portions of the land around them into Faerie, sidhe invokers can reshape the world to suit their whim, for a moment.

Fae Power (Su): Instead of manipulating shadowstuff, the sidhe invoker draws on his ability to manipulate the plane of Faerie. The sidhe invoker gains a pool of fae points equal to his Charisma modifier + 1/2 his class level (minimum 1). The sidhe invoker may spend fae points in place of shadow points when using [surreal] feats.

A sidhe invoker may spend fae points to create any of the following effects:

Summon Ringfort: The sidhe invoker may draw the area around himself partially into Faerie by spending a fae point as a fullround action. This affects an area of the caster’s choice out to a maximum of close range (25 ft. + 5 ft. per 2 class levels) and persists for 1 minute per class level. Inside the ringfort, colors are more intense, the light shimmers strangely, and the entire area has an unearthly appearance, obscuring what is real and what is not. Creatures within the ringfort take a -1 penalty on saves against Fallen Fey, Illusion, and Mind sphere effects originating from the sidhe invoker.

The ringfort is morphic to the sidhe invoker’s will and he may make the following alterations as a standard action:

Magic: The fey invoker may spend a fae point to suppress either all magic or a single descriptor (fire, polymorph, teleportation, etc.), school, or sphere. Any attempt to use a suppressed ability while within the ring fort or to effect a creature within the ringfort requires a successful magic skill check against the fey invoker’s MSD. Ongoing effects within the ringfort are suppressed unless the caster succeeds on a magic skill check against the fey invoker’s MSD. Alternatively, the fey invoker may impose a 100% wild magic chance on all spells and sphere effects cast within the ring fort. The fey invoker may exclude himself from this wild magic chance.

Terrain: The sidhe invoker may reshape the terrain within the area, raising or lowering a number of 5-ft. squares equal to his class level + his Charisma modifier by up to 5 ft. plus 5 ft. per 4 class levels and may choose to have them be difficult terrain or to clear existing difficult terrain (magically created difficult terrain can only be cleared by succeeding on an magic skill check against the effect’s MSD).

Time: At 10th level, the sidhe invoker may speed or slow time within the area by spending a fae point, doubling or halving the passing of time relative to the outside. The warping at the edge of this effect imposes a 50% miss chance on all attack rolls and a 50% failure chance on all spell effect made against targets outside the ringfort from those inside and on those made from outside against those inside (this happens regardless of whether time is sped up or slowed down). If time is sped up, creatures inside the ringfort still act in normal initiative order, but experience two rounds of time (taking two rounds of actions) for every round that passes outside, essentially only allowing creatures outside the area to act every other turn. If time is slowed down, those inside instead act only every other turn. Maintaining fast time requires the fey invoker to spend an additional fae point every round after the first as a free action.

Additional rounds of actions are all taken after the normal rounds of actions, beginning from the end of the turn where time is altered.

(Example: Morgana the sidhe invoker summons a ringfort around herself on her turn in round one. On her turn in round 2, she speeds time. All other creatures take their normal turns in initiative order until Morgana’s turn comes around again. Then, Morgana and all other creatures inside the ringfort take an additional round of actions in their order of initiative. Then all creatures in the combat take their normal turns in order, etc.)

These alterations persist until changed again or until the ringfort ends.

This replaces shadowstuff and shadowmark.

Create Reality: At 6th level, the sidhe invoker may spend fae points to create reality. This functions as the fey adept class feature.

This modifies create reality.

Fae Reality: At 10th level, when the sidhe invoker uses create reality, the illusion becomes completely real while inside the ringfort or on the plane of Faerie; creatures are no longer allowed a save to disbelieve the illusion unless it moves beyond the ringfort or leaves Faerie.

This replaces hide in plain sight.

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