Old Slayer Talents

Adrenal Reaction (Ex)

When you regain hit points, you may make an attack as an immediate action. You may not use this ability again until at least 1 minute has passed.

Arcane Infiltration (Requires Alteration or Illusion sphere)

The action required to maintain your glamers and shapeshifts via concentration is reduced by one step.

Chance Feat

A slayer may gain any chance feat that he qualifies for in place of a slayer talent.

Dim Mak

You may use any melee weapon to deal nonlethal damage without penalty if your target is denied their Dexterity bonus to AC. When using this ability the weapon is treated as if it also had the shadow wake weapon enhancement.

Flaying Slice (Ex)

When you do precision damage to a creature, you may open a wound that allows you and your allies to more easily penetrate their flesh. When you successfully sneak attack a creature, you may spend up to half your sneak attack dice to reduce the creature’s natural armor class by 1 for each die spent, to a minimum of 0. You may do this multiple times with multiple strikes. The loss of natural armor lasts until the creature heals at least 5 hit points per point of natural armor lost.

Focused Infiltration (Requires Arcane Infiltration)

When maintaining a glamer via concentration, you may treat your rogue level as High-Caster levels for the purposes of determining the duration.

Know How to Bleed (Ex)

By exaggerating injuries, you can gain the upper hand in combat. Whenever you are hit for more than 20 hit points of damage in a single round, you can, until then end of your next turn, feint as a swift action.

Shadow Shaper

Gain a surreal feat.

Shadow Tools

Gain the Shadowstuff Armament feat. In place of making a weapon, shield or armor you may also make small functional tools from shadowstuff to negate the penalty to Craft or Disable Device checks for using improvised tools. When using tools granted by this feat gain a +1 circumstance bonus to the related skill check for every 5 rogue levels you possess.

Slip Through (Su)

You learn to fit through gaps that shouldn’t hold you. You treat yourself as half your size (or one size smaller) for the purpose of squeezing, fitting through narrow spaces with Escape Artist, and similar rules. At the GM’s discretion, you can also accomplish feats such as fitting your arm under a door or sticking a finger through a keyhole.

At slayer level 10, you treat yourself a quarter of your size (or two sizes smaller) instead of half.

Slowing Strike (Su)

Whenever you deal sneak attack damage to a creature you may, as an immediate action, cause the target to become slowed for 1 round as though they had failed a saving throw against the slow Time sphere alter time effect with a caster level equal to your class level in the class that granted you this talent (this stacks with caster levels gained from other sources normally when determining your total caster level for this effect). You may spend a spell point when using this ability to allow it to last for a number of rounds equal to your effective caster level.

Stolen Blood (Su)

Whenever you do precision damage to a creature, until the end of your next turn any hit points that creature regains are gained by you instead. The creature may make a Will save with a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 your rogue level + your Dex bonus to negate this effect.

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