Old Sphere Wizard
Spheres of Power
Casting: The sphere wizard may combine spheres and talents to create magical effects. The sphere wizard is considered a High-Caster and uses Intelligence as his casting ability modifier. (Note: All casters gain 2 bonus talents and may select a casting tradition the first time they gain the casting class feature.)

This replaces the spells class feature.

Spell Points: The sphere wizard gains a small reservoir of energy she can call on to create truly wondrous effects, called a spell pool. This pool contains a number of spell points equal to her level + her Intelligence modifier (minimum: 1). This pool replenishes once per day after roughly 8 hours of rest.

Magic Talents: A sphere wizard gains 3 magic talents every 2 levels. (2 at 1st level, 1 at 2nd level, 2 at 3rd level, 1 at 4th level, etc.)

Sphere Specialization: A sphere wizard gains a sphere specialization of her choice from the list of sphere specializations included in the Incanter class description. They treat their wizard levels as incanter levels for this purpose.

This replaces the arcane school and arcane bond class features.

Note: This ability does not stack with an Incanter specialization (per discussion with an author).

Recommended Casting Tradition: The classic feel of the wizard can be recreated through selecting the traditional magic casting tradition.

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